Jade Feng Shui Five Gold Ingots Tassel

Jade Feng Shui Five Gold Ingots Tassel
Jade Feng Shui Five Gold Ingots Tassel
SKU: SKU4785
Weight : 70.00g ( 0.15 lbs)
Dim: 1x0.375x0.5 each ingot, Lgth 12 in (2.54x1x1.3 cm, 30 cm)
Material: Crystal

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This tassels features five Chinese ingots made of high grade Jade to sprinkle you with a dose of wealth luck.

Chinese ingots were the ancient currency in Chinese between influential people, such as government officials and emperors. It is because of this that today, Chinese ingots have the Feng Shui symbolism of wealth and high status. They are designed in a special manner to best release wealth luck and good chi. In addition to being used alone, gold ingots are placed in large numbers in wealth vases or ships to empower them. In countries all over Asia, they are also placed at the altar, in the presence of prominent Wealth Gods such as The Three Immortals Fuk Luk Sau, Tua Peh Kong, and Chai Shen Yeh.

Jade is the most beloved gemstone of the Chinese. Recorded history has shown that this stone has been used as jewelry since 5000 years ago! It's also known as the 'stone of heaven' or 'noble stone' and was held higher in value than gold in olden times. Jade was a symbol of rank, power and wealth for kings, emperors and noblemen. Confucius mentioned that jade contained and reflected human virtues like durability, purity, serenity and radiance. To many Chinese, jade has magical protective powers that keep the wearer from harm. Considered to be the ultimate Feng Shui crystal, jade charms are said to bring harmony, attract good luck and friendship and promotes self-sufficiency. It also increases nurturing and love that can be used to harmonize dysfunctional relationships. Mentally, jade helps discard negative thoughts and soothes the mind as well as stimulates ideas.

You can hang this lucky charm in your car, bags or in the vicinity of your worddesk such as on your drawer, computer screen or cubicle wall to constantly remind the mind of money-making opportunities and to attract wealth luck.

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