Jade Emperor Gui Ren Gold Talisman Card

Jade Emperor Gui Ren Gold Talisman Card
Jade Emperor Gui Ren Gold Talisman Card
SKU: SKU5355
Weight : 20.00g ( 0.04 lbs)
Dim: 2.125x3.375 in (5.5x8.5 cm)
Material: Metal

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This powerful "Gui Ren" Gold Talisman Card invokes the blessing from the Jade Emperor to attract Nobleman luck and leadershp luck into your life. Nobleman luck brings powerful benefactors and mentors into your life who will help influence and shape your future in a positive way - in the area of business, career, love, health or family. Leadership luck is your ability to influence and manage others well and keep them loyal to you. Ideal for managers, bosses or those in leadership positions. Carry in the wallet to protect against betrayal.

This Feng Shui card also attracts luck from #6 Heavenly Star that brings strong support from the cosmic that attracts good health, longevity, wealth, networking luck and good opportunities to everyone. In the year 2022, the patriach, Dogs and Boars will benefit greatly from this Feng Shui Card and in 2023 the Roosters and youngest daughters.

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