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Golden Feng Shui Phoenix

Golden Feng Shui Phoenix
Golden Feng Shui Phoenix
Golden Feng Shui Phoenix
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Golden Feng Shui Phoenix
Golden Feng Shui Phoenix
Golden Feng Shui Phoenix
Golden Feng Shui Phoenix
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The King of Birds, ancient Chinese people believed that the phoenix would appear in times of peace and prosperity. It is therefore regarded as a symbol of harmony and luck.

The phoenix is a long revered symbol of rebirth. It is one of the four celestial animals in Chinese Legend and known as Feng Huang or “the king of birds.” The phoenix is associated with fire, particularly the fire of the sun.

Its body is comprised of attributes of many different birds and it’s different parts are said to symbolize the six celestial bodies: sky, sun, moon, planets, wind and earth. 

In ancient China it was believed that in times of peace and prosperity the phoenix would appear and so it is known as an auspicious symbol of luck and amity. It is the emblem most revered for serving the matriarch of the family or the strongest mother figure in the home.

The phoenix has a very strong yang energy. But, the phoenix also has a yin element that can be drawn out if placed alongside a dragon, whose yang will overpower that of the phoenix, resulting in a perfect yin and yang energy balance. This pairing of the phoenix and dragon together is ideal for those seeking everlasting love or wishing to fortify their relationship. 


Chinese Phoenix


In feng shui bagua 8 life aspirations formula the phoenix is associated with the South or the fire direction. Displaying a singular phoenix in this sector is believed to activate your reputation luck and increase your chances of fame. Reputation luck will invite new opportunities and beneficial relationships into your career and help your achievements get noticed when it matters most.

Here are some feng shui cures for placing the phoenix:

  1. Place the phoenix in the Southwest zone of the home or living room to activate the Trigram kun. This is said to benefit and reward the matriarch of the family, ensuring her health and well being, while also benefitting the love luck of any of those in the home looking for a desirable partner.
  2. Place the phoenix and a feng shui dragon together in the Southwest area of your living room. Together the phoenix and dragon represent the most blissful union and ideal marriage, inviting a long happy partnership and many healthy children.
  3. Place the phoenix and dragon together in the Southwest area of your bedroom if you are looking to attract a romantic partner to share your life with. 
  4. Place the phoenix figurine in the South direction to invite wide-reaching luck for all of your family members and household. This is the area of reputation luck which, when activated, will help get your achievements and hard work recognized by gatekeepers in your career who can help you advance to the next level of success.
  5. If you are a follower of the feng shui kua and know your feng shui KUA number, place the phoenix in your Nien Yen (relationship) direction to help attract a lover or improve the sanctity, happiness and longevity of your marriage.

The phoenix is a much esteemed creature that needs to be displayed at an elevated position. Such elevation also increases the phoenix’s ability to watch over and safeguard your home.

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