Brass Monkey God Statue (L)

Brass Monkey God Statue (L)
Brass Monkey God Statue (L) Brass Monkey God Statue (L) Brass Monkey God Statue (L) Brass Monkey God Statue (L)
SKU: SKU2889
Weight : 1,050.00g ( 2.31 lbs)
Dim: 2.875x2.375x7.25 in (7.3x6x18.4 cm)
Material: Brass

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A beautiful God of Monkey Statue holding his powerful golden rod looking ready to banish the toughest evils and competitors in your business.

Sun Wukong possesses great strength as he is able to maneuver with ease with his golden rod that is said to weigh 8100 kg! He is also able to travel super fast and has the ability to transform into 72 types of various objects and animals. A skilled figther, the Monkey God is capable of holding his own against the best generals of heaven. Each of his hairs possesses magical powers - it can transform into weapons, animals, objects and even a clone of himself. He could conjure protective circles against demons, freeze demons, command wind and part water with spells.

This mischievous and irrepressible Monkey God, also known by names such as the "Monkey King", "Trickster God", "Great Sage Equal of Heaven" or "Sun Wu kong" in Chinese is the most disobedient deity. Initially an outcast, he was buried under a mountain of rock for 500 years as a punishment for wreaking havoc in the Taoist Heaven. The God of Monkey was later given the blessing of the redeemed immortality by the Buddha after he successfully completed the mission given by the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin to escort the holy monk Tan Xuan Zang (Tripitaka) on his arduous journey to the West to obtain the sacred Buddhist scriptures back to China during the Tang Dynasty.

When positioned in its place of its birth in the West or Southwest sector, the Monkey is a symbol of protection against evil spirits and everlasting wellbeing. The quick-thinking Monkey God is also especially useful for businessmen whose establishments have experienced great obstacles and failures.

God of Monkey - Sun Wu Kong

To protect family members from harm and to retain good luck, place the God of Monkey statue in the home. Place him facing the main door on an elevated height

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