Liuli Temple Lion Biting Swords Tassel (Colorful)

Liuli Temple Lion Biting Swords Tassel (Colorful)
Liuli Temple Lion Biting Swords Tassel (Colorful)
SKU: SKU2778
Weight : 120.00g ( 0.26 lbs)
Dim: 2.25x2.25x0.625 in, Lgth 13 in (5.7x5.7x1.6 cm, 33 cm)
Material: Glass

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This beautiful bagua shaped ornament features a bearded Temple Lion with bared teeth biting cross swords. In Feng Shui, this symbolism is especially powerful in warding off killing energies or shar chi exerted from nearby graveyards, hospitals, protruding objects and sharp corners. It can also help cast away black magic, evil spirits and accidents.

This striking handmade Feng Shui protection tassels with mystic knot is made of liuli glass which boasts beautiful mixture of color. This captivating multi-hued crystal glass is seeing a surge in popularity not only in Asia but also America and Europe. The procedure of creating Liuli glass is pretty similar to the age-old French glass casting technique known as "pate-de-verre". The process of creating Liuli glass is special and very difficult due to several factors with a failure rate of as high as 40%! That's why Chinese Liu Li art pieces always fetch a higher price. The instability of the molds (which is not reusable) and high firing temperatures required are the two most common reasons determining the success rate of producing a beautiful Liuli artwork. Each piece of Liuli glass is unique as the mixture of colors varies from one to the next.

Hang this Colorful Liu Li Temple Lion Biting Swords Tassels in your home, office or in your car for protection against negative and harmful chi in your surrounding which can manifest into accidents and financial loss.

Comes in multiple tassels colors and will be randomly picked for packing.

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