Four Great Heavenly King Sticker (2 pieces)

Four Great Heavenly King Sticker (2 pieces)
Four Great Heavenly King Sticker (2 pieces)
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Invite the Four Great Heavenly Kings to your home. They are powerful protectors against falling victim to physical calamities such as earthquakes, fires, floods, epidemics, hurricanes and other such disasters. These four Heavenly Kings also bring blessings and good fortune.

The Dharma equipment they carry is utilized to ward off evil spirits and dangerous demons. All of the Heavenly Kings have sworn an oath in front of the Buddha Shakyamuni, promising to protect mankind.

Each of the kings is a representation of the four celestial attributes: Rain, Harmony, Wind and Prosperity and has their own symbolism: “Rain” is the umbrella which overpowers all evils, “Harmony” is the calming stringed instrument which assists the human world, “Wind” is the mighty sword’s blade used to defend and protect, and “Prosperity” is the potent dragon, who protects mankind using its divine vision. They protect all four directions.

Stick onto your house, office or car windows, to protect your against accidents and untoward incidents.

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