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The yearly and monthly flying stars are believed to be the most powerful elements of Feng Shui. Each year the yearly star stays in once sector for that whole year and then moves to another sector in the following year. Monthly stars move on a monthly basis and these stars influence different circumstances in a person’s life. Some stars bring forth favorable circumstances while others are unfavorable. If a certain sector is made up of only good stars, it is believed that lots of luck is on its way to the occupant of that sector. When bad stars control the energies it spells the coming of misfortunes and its occupant should install Feng Shui cures and remedies to avoid them causing havoc in your life.

To assist you in creating and keeping balance in your life and avoid misfortune, it is important to understand which stars are good and which are bad and to activate the lucky stars and counter the ones bringing bad luck in 2011.

The #7 Burglary flying star flies into the center of the home in 2011. This inauspicious Flying Star brings lies, defeat, losses and violence. Losses that occur usually come from robbery, fierce competitors, theft and power abuse from others. Everyone in the household will be affected and at risk.

The 7- Flying star influence in 2011 will degrade your money luck. So, take out your Flying Star charts and map out the center location of this belligerent number 7-star. Suppress the bad energy of this star with a Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant or a pair of 8 inch Blue Rhinoceros. Try to spend very little time in this sector. Everyone should carry a Rhinoceros and Elephant Protection Amulet.


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#1 White Star - NORTHEAST - brings thriumph and success

The white Success Star flies to the Northeast and represents superlative mentor and career luck. Mentor luck brings influential and wise people into your life to help you to achieve your life’s aspirations. Look out for helpful people crossing your path. The #1 White star is a lucky star that is likely to assist you in attracting thriumphant moments and overcoming obstacles in the work place or victory over your competitors. Those ambitious young men engaged in competitive pursuits will highly benefit from this Star. Keep this sector energized by yang energy. It is the water element bringing victory and you can activate this auspicious star by placing a water feature, a victory banner or a brass Dragon Tortoise to your home or office in this sector.


#2 Illness Star – SOUTH - brings sickness and illness

This star is an earth element and brings disease, sickness, health problems and even death in the Southern sector. It's sickness bringing energy gets strengthened by the fire element of the South sector this year. House facing or sitting on South or with the maindoor located in the South sector will find that the occupants are more vulnerable to falling sick. It will mostly affect Horse-born people and the middle daughter. Avoid staying in this sector or room. Move to another bedroom. If that’s not possible, use Feng Shui cure to repress the negative energy flowing from this star. Suppress the illness energy of this star with an Eight Immortals Wu Lou tied with a red ribbon or a metal Wu Lou. Six-Rod Wind Chimes can also do the job. Also make sure you wear a Wu Lou pendant or carry a Wu Lou amulet.



#3 Hostile Star - NORTH - brings hostility and lawsuits

The Hostile star is situated in the North and brings about verbal accusations and assaults, quarrels and law suits between family members, friends and colleagues. It is the wood element and its bad energy gets strengthened by the water element of the North sector. It will affect mostly those born in the year of the Rat and Middle son. Them, and those sleeping in this sector will find themselves easily stressed and agitated, impatient and short-fused. Productivity will drop. Watch out for trouble with the authorities. Keep this part of the house quiet. Feng Shui cures for this star includes the Ksitigarbha’s Fireball, Ksitigarbha Staff and Flaming Magic Wheel. Carry a Ksitigarbha Keychain with you for added protection, especially at workplace where you can’t display the cures. Remove water energy from this sector.


#4 Romance Star - SOUTHWEST - brings love and scholastic luck

The romance and literary star #4 is also a wood element flies into the Southwest sector of your home. This star brings forth good luck on the romantic side of your life, as well as education and academic luck. Southwest, according to Feng Shui Bagua formula is a sector for love and domestic happiness. Couple with this star, the love and romance enhancing energy here is said to multiplied here. Matriarch and those single or unmarried residing in this corner will benefit greatly from this combination. Students residing in this sector will have better examination luck. It is also often called the Peach Blossom Star and you can utilize this energy with a display of love symbols (mandarin ducks, double happiness symbol, dragon & phoenix or double carp) to solidify marriage luck and crystal (crystal points, crystal trees, crystal balls) or Wen Chang Pagoda to enhance academic luck.


#5 Yellow Misfortune Star - EAST - brings misfortune and bad luck

This year, the yellow star or Wu Wang plagues the East. It is a malicious star feared by all as it brings bad luck of all kinds. It is an earth element bringing with it financial loss, death, tragedies, accidents, mishaps and anything else that is negative and bad. In 2011, this star blocks success and affects the first son in the family or those born in the year of Rabbit. It is always a good idea to vacate the afflicted room and avoid any loud sounds in this sector coming from the TV or radio. Do not hold a party in this sector. The yellow #5 star can be cured by a Six-Rod Wind Chime. The Five Element Pagoda, Trinity Pagoda and the Luck Transforming Fan are all effective Feng Shui cures. Keep doors and windows closed and avoid any construction or renovation in this area. A Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda Feng Shui Pendant is also a good protection amulet for this vicious star.


#6 Heavenly Star - SOUTHEAST - brings good fortune

The Heavenly white star number six associated with the cosmic energies of heaven moves to the SouthEast this year. It is a very favorable star of good luck straight from heaven. Be prepared for plenty of good feaven's celestial blessings if you spend a lot of time in this part of your house. People who gamble be it in lottery, horse racing, football betting or casino games will benefit from this auspicious star that brings cosmic chi that manifests into good fortune and windfall luck. Bring life to this star with Yang energy e.g. sound and activity in this corner and figurine of the dragons or horses. The Heavenly star’s element is metal so enhance metal or earth (crystal) energy. This star also attracts power and authority luck. Carry a Bejewelled Dragon of Success Keychain.


#7 Violent Star - CENTER - brings theft, burglary and violence

This unfavorable star hits the Center of your home/office and brings with it bad luck and tidings. It is a metal element associated with financial loss, robbery, theft, violence and bloodshed. Its negative chi gets strengthened further by the earth energy of the sector so make sure you suppress it. Watch your back during this period and be careful not to trust everyone. Remedy this star with a pair of Blue Rhinoceros figurines on both sides of the doors to this sector. You could use the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant figurine. These Feng Shui cures are strong protective symbols with water element that will weaken the metal energy of this Burglary Star. You may also hang a Blue Rhino Amulet, a Rhinocerous Keychain  or a Rhinoceros and Elephant Protection Amulet onto your handbag to protect against snatch thieves.


#8 Wealth Star - NORTHWEST - brings wealth luck and prosperity

The all-powerful Prosperity star for 2011 falls into NW - which means the patriarch of the famly will benefit from it. It is the star of fortune and good luck and brings with it lots of wealth luck and abundance. It is an earth element and can be activated with Feng Shui crystals. If your home has a living or family area in this sector, everyone in your home will be able to gain from this star especiallt the father figure. Display Feng Shui crystals everywhere to attract the best this star has to offer. Some suggestions are Bejeweled Power of 8 Charm Keychain, Crystal Trees, Star of David Crystal Balls and Crystal Mystic Knot Tassels. A Ru Yi here will serve to enhance career strength and authority luck.


#9 Future Prosperity Star - WEST
This Purple star is a fire element. It attracts wealth luck (especially through investment ) and good fortune especially to the youngest daughter. This Star also brings fame and recognition luck – the luck that propels you to be acknowledged and rewarded for your achievement and hard work. To enhance this Star, display nine glitter lamps or nine money frogs in this sector and keep this part of the house brightly lit.


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