Six-Rod Victory Banner Wind Chime

Six-Rod Victory Banner Wind Chime
Six-Rod Victory Banner Wind Chime Six-Rod Victory Banner Wind Chime
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Hang this this Victory Banner Windchime in the Northwest of your home or office as it's said to help you overcome all obstruction, obstacles, competition, enemies and problems.

A beautiful six-hollow rods windchime designed with a victory banner as the cap, a coin toggler inscribed with the Chinese words "Ushering Wealth and Treasure", and finished off with a lovely mystic/endless knot symbol for everlasting good fortune luck.

Victory Banner : “Dhvaja” in Sanskrit means “standard, flag or ensign”. It was originally used as a military symbol, held by the Indian soldiers during war. However, the victory banner was not only used for war; it is better known to hold the victory of the teachings of Buddha, who believed that enlightenment and insight always overcome ignorance. This banner shows the defeat of Mara (evil) by Buddha – it is with this defeat that Buddha was able to reach a state of nirvana. In Feng Shui, the victory banner is a symbol of the victory that one achieves, whether it be over one’s own body or someone else’s, to overcome obstacles and negative energy. In addition, this banner is also a representation of the total triumph of the Buddhist Doctrine over all other malevolent and malicious forces.

The role of Windchime in Feng Shui

The wind chime, also known as the “magic bell” is acknowledged by many as the most potent and adaptable Feng Shui cure and enhancer. Using wind chimes is an ideal solution for those lacking the expense to integrate Feng Shui into every aspect of their home or office; they are simple yet powerful enough to correct bad feng shui due caused by different factors. A well-designed wind chime will also ward off evil spirits and summon good fortune luck to the household.

An important note about the usage of wind chimes is that never hang this feng shui product directly above the areas where you sleep, sit, eat or work; this will cause your energy to be suppressed. This process will cause you injuries and illnesses. If you do not have the space to hang a wind chime to the side of your bed or work area, simply hang it somewhere which is below your waist level. They don't always have to be hung from the ceiling.

Also, never hang a wind chime in a sector enclosing the #3 Flying Star. This will arouse tempers and anger in family members, resulting in fights and arguments.

Below is a good list of Feng Shui tips on other ways you can use this wind chimes to cure bad feng shui in your homes and offices:

1) In Flying Star Feng Shui, the wind chime is an outstanding Feng Shui cure to diminish the effects of the influences of the evil #5 yellow star (also known as the “Disaster Star, prompting misfortunes, accidents and death) and the #2 black star (also known as the “Sickness Star”, which allows for fatal illnesses or health defects). The wind chime should be suspended from the ceiling, disbanding any negative energy.

2) To augment the annual purple star-9, which is for happy events, life expansion and promotion, a 6 or 8 rod wind chime should be used.

3) If any form of killing chi (shar chi) is emitted towards the front of your house from T-junctions, lamp posts, straight poles, trees and large buildings, a wind chime should be hung up. This is a replacement for a bagua, and will prevent any “poison arrows” shooting from sharp angles faced towards your front door(s).

4) In the North sector of your house, a Metal wind chime will serve to enhance luck with one's career; this is due to the fact that the North sector is of the Water element, and Metal creates Water.

5) Wind chimes have the subtle power to both replenish new chi and transforming bad chi into that which is good. This is done when it comes in through any windows or doors.

6) A wind chime in the toilet can lift up the bad energy so as not to have a negative effect on the aspiration represented by that sector the toilet is located. For example, a toilet in the Southeast sector (wealth sector) means your wealth luck will be flushed down the toilet. A wind chime is a good Feng Shui cure in this situation.

7) Wind chimes have the ability to decelerate chi which is rushing by, causing it to be distributed more evenly into the home environment. Bad chi is also repressed and dispersed, so as not to have such an intense effect.

a. Put a wind chime in the middle of two doors which face each other – for example, a bedroom door facing a kitchen door.

b. Disperse harmful chi arousing from sharp angles or corners of walls/ furniture with a well-placed wind chime.

c. To prevent good luck and wealth from speeding down your stairs and out your front door, place a wind chime at the bottom of your staircase.

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