The Seven Royal Emblems Plaque

The Seven Royal Emblems Plaque
The Seven Royal Emblems Plaque The Seven Royal Emblems Plaque
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Weight : 1,000.00g ( 2.20 lbs)
Dim: 15.5x5.75x0.75 in (39x14.6x1.9 cm)
Material: Wood

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This beautiful Feng Shui Plaque is designed with the image of the Precious Horse, the Precious Minister, the Precious Jewel, the Precious Queen, the Precious Wheel, the Precious General and the Precious Elephant. They are said to bring success, promotion, fulfillment of wishes, Noblemen luck, spirituality, protection from harm and power, respectively. Combined, this Feng Shui enhancer attracts mentor or benefactor’s luck into you life so that everything goes smoothly and emerge victorious with the support from helpful people. It is also believed to help overcome bureaucratic roadblocks and help forge good relationships with people.

This Seven Royal Emblems Plaque is said to bring the kind of power to LIVE like a King. Hang in the office in a prominent location to dispel office politicking and backstabbing, or in the living room to reduce conflict and feuds in the family.


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