Feng Shui Brass Three Goats

Feng Shui Brass Three Goats
Feng Shui Brass Three Goats Feng Shui Brass Three Goats
SKU: SKU3080
Weight : 690.00g ( 1.52 lbs)
Dim: 4.5x3.5x4.25 in (11.5x9x11 cm)
Material: Brass

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The year of the Rabbit 2023 is forecasted to be full of opportunities to make money but unfortunately resource luck is poor so it will be hard to access this kind of "new wealth". To unleash this wealth potential, display the Feng Shui Brass Three Goats on bed of coins to help you capture the auspicious energy of the #8 Wealth Star and unlock the treasures within the year.

This is a timeless good fortune symbol cleverly designed since ancient times incorporating three goats to represent the famous four-character Chinese saying "San Yang Kai Tai". San means Three and Yang in this idiom actually refers to Yang in yin-yang but the character for goat (sounds like 'yang') is used instead so that it can be represented in a graphical form, like this figure of three goats. There's a lengthy explanation to the intepretation of the idiom but it basically means 'bad luck is over and good fortune is forthcoming'.

The Goat, Sheep or Ram, which is a symbol of business intelligence and serenity of mind, is the eighth animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Those who are born under the Goat zodiac are said to have extremely righteous traits, such as sincerity, creativity and kindness for others – these people are often known as the “good Samaritans” of the Chinese horoscope animals. The Goat emits vibes of care and compassion, motherly love and gentleness, always thinking about others feelings and understanding their imperfections.

Place the Three Goats in your office or home, and your family will be blessed with all of its caring characteristics. Bad luck will be dispelled and replaced with good luck. For those born under the Goat zodiac, these effects will be magnified hence this good luck charm would make an excellent birthday gift to a Goat person.

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