Feng Shui for the Main Door


Powerful Feng Shui Protection for the Main Door


The front door or main door of a home is the key to that building’s energy. It is the door most often used to gain access and it “opens the way” to either negativity or positive aspects. The door is where your good fortune chi has the first chance of entering and is thought of as the “kou” or mouth of your yang dwelling, through which fortune and good luck pass and are able to accumulate.

The entrance here does not refer to a side door or a gate, although if there is a gate leading to your front door it, too, should be protected and considered of importance.

First, make sure that your entrance is not suffering an affliction of any type (Flying Star, Tai Sui or Three Killings), since you will want to remove that affliction first with appropriate Feng Shui cures. Once you are sure that the energy is cleared, there are guidelines to follow to magnetize and attract abundant success luck. You will be energizing your dwelling and tapping into all the abundant success you can attract by putting your front door to work for you.

The best way of making your main door work for you is to tap your success direction based on the the Eight Mansions Formula. It should ideally face your auspicious directions based on your kua number. Once you have determine them, follow the chart below to enhance your main door feng shui powers:

Your Kua Number The Best Direction of the Door Best Design for the Door (not necessarily the shape but designs or motifs on it) Best Color
1 Southeast  Rectangular Green or Brown
2 Northeast Square Earth of Ochre
3 South Triangular Red or Maroon
4 North Wavy Black of Blue
5 Northeast (men), Southwest (women) Square Earth of Ochre
6 West Round White
7 Northwest Round White
8 Southwest Square Earth or Ochre
9 East Rectangular Green or Brown

Feng Shui for the Main DoorHow to protect your Main Door with Feng Shui


Depending on the direction your main door faces, there are fairly simple techniques you can use to enhance its positive energy.

Do you have a North-facing door? A 6-rod metal wind chime or any metallic windchimes in that location can enhance or add Feng Shui yang energy while balancing well with the element of the North, thus improving career luck of the residents.

A door that faces the South can benefit from the addition of a bright light that shines towards the door. A money plant (live, not artificial) at the side of the door can also be used to awaken the financial benefits you desire. Plants can provide strong wood energy that fuels the fire element of the South sector. Red crystals can be used too to magnify the fire energy here that is associated with fame and recognition luck.

If your door faces the East or Southeast, place a water feature in the area, to the left of the door as you look out. But be careful to locate the feature so that the water flows towards the entrance of the house, not away from it, to attract good fortune.

A door that faces the West or Northwest can derive beneficial luck from scattering golden-colored rocks or crystals nearby. This represents the effect of the golden mountain, an auspicious abundance luck sign.

Should your door face Northeast or Southwest, hanging a light fixture in the shape of a chandelier near the door will bring in good fortune chi because the combination of crystals and light will attract this energy.


Two-paneled doors are preferable rather than single-paneled doors because it magnifies the luck. Even if the two panels are not equal in size it is acceptable as long as the larger section is the one used to enter and exit.

Make sure your door is made of solid material instead of glass or glass panels, to ensure strength.

The main door should face an open space to allow free flow of energy. This is referred to as the “bright hall effect” and it is very auspicious if the main door opens to a field or empty area.

The poison arrow effect must not be allowed to hit your home directly. Make sure that your main door does not face a straight road that comes directly towards it. If the straight road is lower than the door the effect can be overcome but if a road aims directly at the door, hang a home protection plaque or Feng Shui Bagua for protection. Even your neighbor’s home can affect your energy, if the triangular, pointed shape of that home faces your main door. Especially stay clear of roads and roof lines that aim for your door.

A path leading to your home should be curved or better yet, winding since a straight path is seen as killing energy. The width of the path should be consistent as opposed to differing in width, and placing lights along the way of the path will help illuminate the way for good fortune to enter.

Having a main door facing land that is higher than it is considered bad Feng Shui. Land that slants downward such that your front door is higher than the back of your house is most inauspicious and if this cannot be avoided, try to change the location of your door or at least hang a fairly large mirror at the front door, to reflect the higher land. 

Never block your main door with furniture or benches. Be sure to allow easy access to your home so as not to block the energy, which could in turn block your success.

Avoid placing a toilet near the main door of your home and the door should not open directly onto a staircase area, or other doors. It is also considered negative Feng Shui to have a wall with a mirror hung on it near the door since it reflects all your good fortune and directs it outside again.

Even if a toilet (bathroom for example) is located upstairs, it is best to avoid having it directly above your entrance. Those living in the home may well suffer from bad health if this is the case. It will be difficult to achieve or maintain success if the bathroom is on the floor right above the main door. If this is the case you can temporarily ease the negativity by shining a bright light upwards to provide positive energy in the direction of the second floor, but it is not a permanent Feng Shui solution.

Good lighting is important, both inside and out. A well-lit entrance attracts positive chi. Should your door be located in the South the light will be even more auspicious.


Have a pair of protective Feng Shui statues such as Fu Dogs or Chi Lin flanking the maindoor or facing it from inside to safeguard it.


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