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Monthly Feng Shui Forecast 2015-2016 - 9th Month (8th Oct 2015 – 6th Nov 2015)

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RAT (North) -  Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Your drive for success is normally a good thing, but this is not the month to push yourself too hard. The #2 Illness Star appears in your chart, leaving you susceptible to tiredness or actual sickness. Balance work with rest and know that your love life may be your best chance for happiness right now. Luckily, your annual star in your sector combines with the #2 Illness to create the auspicious sum-of-ten, meaning luck can be yours; but proceed at a slower pace. Accept help from others - this may be their time to shine, so participate, do your best, but know that competing for the top spot isn’t in the cards for you for now. Move steadily ahead and avoid risk-taking. Student Rats, however, are poised to feel energized and able to achieve, but they should also balance study with relaxing social times. Display a Brass Herbal Wu Lou and carry a Health Amulet Feng Shui Keychain.

It’s a good time for love, so single Rats may attract that special someone this month. If you have feelings, tell that person and allow love to grow. If you’ve thought of moving forward in a relationship or making your marriage more blissful – don’t hold back!


OX (NorthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Get ready for a very hectic month, Ox-born! It’s a time of opportunities and responsibilities, but instead of feeling stressed, you actually thrive on your activities. Fire energy arrives with your Magnifying Star, keeping you fueled and ready to go. This is a good time to display your talents and abilities and someone higher up could notice. That promotion or expansion is within reach, but be patient because even though things are good now, they’re poised to be even better soon, so make your plans - start the groundwork. Enhance the Multiplying Star with a 9 Rings Dragon Sword and carry a 9 Ring Sword Keychain. Beware of office politics or jealousy and don’t get sidetracked by it. Display a Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Rooster to overcome backstabbing and office politics. Students will also see the beginning of success ahead, so seek the knowledge you desire in preparation.

Your love life could be like a rollercoaster now – all or nothing at all. Because you are so busy at work, you’ll either make time for romance or not pursue it at all at this time. If you are in a relationship, do take time for love or it could start to cause relationship problems. Display the Happy Wedding Couple in Traditional Costume in the bedroom.


TIGER (NorthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Things are exciting for you, Tigers! Last month began a good cycle and it only gets better and more memorable now. You’ll feel strong and your luck will be strong, too. Plans you made could come to fruition and in the meantime, plan for even more expansion of luck. Enhance your expansion luck with a Feng Shui Fire Red Ball and carry a 9 Ring Sword Keychain. Don’t allow obstacles to stand in your way. Your charisma will come in handy in charming co-workers and higher-ups. Trust in your abilities and intentions. You appear capable of handling whatever comes your way at work – the busier, the better. Tiger students appear to do well now, too. Stay disciplined and focused and your work will benefit.

Love could take a back seat now, due to the hard work and fantastic business success you experience, but don’t let it disappear from your life. You’ll feel interested in romance, so find the time for it. Single Tigers may meet someone very special now, so don’t be shy about admitting your feelings. Tigers already committed should remember to keep the relationship fire burning – it will be a nice balance and relief from otherwise hectic times.


RABBIT (East) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Love and relationships take center stage this month for Rabbits. Sounds wonderful – but can there be too much of a good thing? The Peach Blossom Star flies into your chart, potentially good for personal and work relations, but there are possible negative aspects, too. Single Rabbits or those newly-married should be very happy now, but for those in long-term relationships, it may be difficult to match your desires with your partner’s. If one person is less in the mood, there’s the danger of infidelity. Stay alert to potential problems and try displaying the Rose Quartz Fox Statue symbol, and wearing the Golden Rooster with Fan Pendant Necklace to keep partners faithful.

At work, relationship luck can be put to use as a way to easily communicate with co-workers or the boss, while building support and camaraderie. Take the opportunity to network and put your best efforts forward.  Students or those seeking to improve skills will find the Peach Blossom Star’s energies magnifying scholastic matters, letting your hard work get noticed. Set goals and maximize your learning and to help with this, feng shui belief suggests carrying the Scholastic Keychain to encourage learning potential.

DRAGON (SouthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Enjoy memories of past good fortune, because things take a sharp dip now. The #5 Yellow Star joins the #2 Illness Star in your chart, creating havoc. Be cautious, avoid taking risks, pamper your health and stay away from dangerous activities. A protective amulet should be carried at this time and display the #5 cure of the 6" Heart Sutra Pillar at home for feng shui help.  Work and career energy do not look good, so don’t be surprised if, despite your hard work, things don’t go your way. Lie low; stick to current plans and familiar territory.  Dragons have a bit of a temper, so beware of arguments at home or work, since you’re bound to be annoyed by setbacks. Rest would do you good – perhaps you have vacation time coming? Students or those expanding their skills may find obstacles on the horizon, affecting concentration. Consider wearing the Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda Pendant (Gold) and placing a Bejeweled WishFulfilling 7-Storey Feng Shui Pagoda in the Southeast corner where you study.

As for love, it will also be affected by the Misfortune Star, creating misunderstandings. Be careful what you say in the heat of the moment, because some things are difficult to undo. Single Dragons would do well to stay that way for now, because there may not be smooth sailing in a new love. Display the Happy Wedding Couple in Traditional Costume in the bedroom.


SNAKE (SouthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

This is not a good month for Snakes, and because luck has been high in the past, things could appear even worse than they actually are. The #5 Yellow Star and the #2 Illness Star in your chart bring a double threat of negativity. Expect delays and obstacles; avoid taking on too much, or taking risks. Moderation is the key – particularly in finances and legal matters, so stay on the straight and narrow. There are ways to continue your plans if you maintain a positive attitude. The 6 inch Five Element Pagoda is the cure, so consider placing one in your home and carrying a Heart Sutra Pillar Keychain as an amulet. Further enhancement of work potential may be accomplished by the Gesar of Ling Plaque, especially important in keeping you in good standing with your boss or co-workers, because they are watching you and perhaps seeking revenge. Student Snakes could find themselves making mistakes or losing notes or papers. Try to stay calm – things could really be worse. Carry a 7 Level Feng Shui Pagoda Keychain for protection.

Love appears rocky, too, with fights potentially escalating from what were minor disagreements. Give your partner space now and avoid rocking the boat. Single Snakes should consider putting the search for a partner on hold for now. Display the Happy Wedding Couple in Traditional Costume in the bedroom.


HORSE (South) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Things look promising for you, and you are up for anything. Change is in the air, but your strong Victory Luck will help you succeed. Horses have a naturally strong personality and it will be put to good use now, as some friendly competition arises at work. You could find yourself vying for a promotion with a co-worker, so be ready. Make sure you compete fairly – no need to burn bridges. To enhance your success luck, carry the Producing Victory Medallion Keychain and display a Feng Shui Victory Banner. Change of location or job may scare some people, but Horses actually thrive on this. Students will also face some competition but it works in your favor and you can come out on top.

Change may be expected in love and romance, too. Single Horses could find the person of their dreams – but don’t hesitate to acknowledge this or the opportunity could pass you by. Just open yourself to love, instead of waiting to be pursued, as you sometimes do. Display a pair of Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf to enhance love luck.


SHEEP (SouthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Hostility (due to the #3 Star) threatens to bring negativity your way now. There could be potential problems in business, legal issues or with authority figures, and the more you realize this, the more your temper and frustration could flair, making things worse. Try to think before you act or speak, giving yourself a chance to cool off.  You may find work difficult because you are insulted by small criticism. This is not the time for negotiating new deals or having important meetings if you can avoid them. Carrying the Peace and Anti Conflict Keychain to calm conflicts and soothe nerves and tempers. Display a Two-Sided Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque. Even students should be wary of getting into heated discussions – keep your distance from arguments.

Married Sheep, or those in long-term relationships, could find themselves fighting, simply because they know what upsets their partner. Don’t take your loved one (or their patience) for granted, or it could cause damage. Single Sheep aren’t in as much danger of arguments because they don’t know their love interest as well, but they could speak out of turn or in a negative way. It might be better to hold off on a search for love right now. Display a pair of Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf to enhance love luck.


MONKEY (SouthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Hostility runs through your chart, straining friendships at work, or love relationships, so beware.  Your inclination will be to fight over silly matters due to the Quarrelsome Star, made stronger by the #9 Star in your chart. Try to hold back your emotions. If you can get some vacation time, take it - lie low. You could be surrounded by office politics or gossip, so try the feng shui cure of a Rooster amulet or figurine to “peck away” negative energy. You are normally quite trusting, but this is not the time for that. Keep up your guard, because others may seek to undermine you. Closing deals or signing documents are things to avoid if possible, because there could be misunderstandings about them. Carrying the Peace and Harmony Feng Shui Keychain and displaying the 4 inch Ksitigarbha's Staff could lend a hand in keeping things more peaceful where the #3 Troublesome Star is concerned. Monkey students have good education potential, but must watch their tempers, too.

In love, marriage or long-term relationships, there is the threat of arguments appearing out of nowhere, because you’re inclined to become easily angered and say or do things you’ll regret. Allow some space between you and your partner, or things could get out of control. Display a pair of Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf to enhance love luck.


ROOSTER (West) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Everything about this month looks promising. The #8 Lucky Star brings prosperity and success. Obstacles disappear and there is a good chance all your hard work will culminate in completion of plans. Opportunities abound, and you are up to participating. Further activate the luck of #8 by wearing the Adjustable Jade Mystic Knot Bracelet, or by displaying a Bejeweled Mystic Knot in the center of your home, or its West sector. Your confidence soars from the success you experience, which will potentially lead to even more benefits, because of the positive vibes you emit. Results come quickly and paths are cleared easily. Your positive nature could rub off on co-workers, causing very pleasant and productive times and easy rapport. Students or those seeking new skills should find excellent scholastic luck now, and may even encounter a mentor whose advice you can enjoy.

You may seem irresistible now, in love. If you are married, passion could heat up. If you are single, there should be no shortage of attention coming your way. Those who’ve been considering marriage or furthering their relationship might feel this is a perfect time to move forward. Display a pair of Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf to enhance love luck.


DOG (NorthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

The #7 Robbery Star arrives in your chart, bringing potential robbery, loss of money or even violence. Beware - its strong negative influence could affect other areas of your life, too. It would be considered good feng shui to carry the Anti Burglary Keychain to help ward off danger. Display a Anti Burglary Plaque and stick on your windows the Anti Burglary & Violence Window Sticker (2 pieces). Also, it’s considered beneficial to donate money to a charity to ward off money loss. Avoid taking risks, pay more attention to your personal safety, and don’t place trust in anyone since betrayal is possible. Work could be filled with setbacks or obstacles but try to avoid getting stressed by this. Stay extra alert to office politics or backstabbing now. Display a Brass Feng Shui Cicada as feng shui help and don’t reveal inner thoughts or feelings to co-workers. Dogs are ethical and trustworthy and you don’t need to seek revenge for the cheating that may surround you – stay smart.  Keep work or business partners informed of your business activities, or you could find a legal issue arriving out of nowhere.

Even the Peach Blossom Star that would normally signal romance turns on you this month, delivering instead the possibility of arguments or tension. If you are in a relationship, be careful of giving in to temptation, thinking it’s a more pleasurable alternative. Single Dogs are also under peril. If you can, avoid seeking a partner now. If you are dating non-exclusively, be cautious of jealousy from one of your dates, even leading to a dangerous outcome. Display a pair of Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf to enhance love luck.


BOAR (Northwest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

This is a month to stay alert and protective of yourself, because the #7 Robbery Star is very active in your chart, threatening negativity in the form of money loss, violence or theft. Even close friends, family or co-workers could betray you; lie low and hope the month passes quickly. Protection could come from carrying the Blue Liuli Elephant and Rhino Protection Amulet and consider donating to a charity to offset money loss potential. At work, obstacles could affect your efforts, and don’t look to co-workers for help. Try to stay focused and if something happens that doesn’t seem right, take a closer look. It could be that office politics or jealous co-workers are trying to undermine you. Displaying a Brass Rooster on Treasure on your desk to dispel these intentions. Students could also suffer, either from disagreements or the actions of others. Your attitude can keep irritations to a minimum.

The Peach Blossom Star in your chart should bring happiness in love, but instead it turns on you. Tensions could arise with a partner, as could jealousy. Don’t let friends try to help you, and beware temptation from an outside source. Display a pair of Rose Quartz Fox Statue to enhance love luck.


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