Lillian Too and Jennifer Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2011 - Boar

Lillian Too and Jennifer Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2011 - Boar
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The BOAR benefits fabulously from the powerful 8 star but must cope with conflicts. Update your feng shui correctly and good chi flows, bringing excellent luck continuously. FIND OUT HOW!

This book brings detailed horoscope forecast of your personalized luck in the year 2011. Includes this year's insights and monthly readings on what to expect in health, business, career, finance, love and relationships. Plenty of tips on how to subdue the year's afflictions and enhance your personalized feng shui. This book helps to instantly improve your chi essence and vitality, empower your energy with invaluable new secrets and feng shui your surrounding to maximize 2011's financial luck.

Discover in this booklet how you can:

  • enhance SUCCESS luck in the year 2011
  • activate finance luck and attract serious wealth
  • remove obstacles that hinder you from great achievement
  • stay safe despite the year's negative energies
  • use powerful amulets for protection from harm
  • select feng shui enhancers and products to improve your luck
  • get your monthly luck analysis and outlook
  • how to attract love and romance luck
  • reach into your inner self to generate mankind luck

This wonderful and indispensable book is brought to you by Lillian Too - the world's most prolific and best selling Feng Shui author, together with her daughter Jennifer Too.

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