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Feng Shui 2021 & Horoscope for Rooster

Lunar Year born1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 and 2021 (Horoscope Calendar)
Direction/DegreesW2 (262.5 to 277.5)
PersonalityThe Rooster is an adventurous sign of the zodiac, and they enjoy exploring new territories. They are always willing to help people but their enthusiasm can be misunderstood. They have a wonderful sense of humor and love a good joke. Yet they can be serious in nature and are well-organized and intelligent. When they are working on something, they make strong decisions and are highly honest in giving their opinion. Roosters have a strong creative nature and an excellent knack for the fields of music, art and literary pursuits. Their thinking is clear and skilled.
Careerstage, music, advertising,  traveler or travel writer, publicist, soldier, restaurant owner.
Romanceoptimistic, inconsiderate
Examples of famous/infamous peopleMichael Schumacher, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Ellen DeGeneres, Gloria Estefan, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dolly Parton, Eric Clapton, Larry King, Yoko Ono, Benjamin Franklin, Johann Strauss, Bette Midler and Osama bin Laden.
CompatibilitySnake, Ox
Secret FriendDragon
Conflict AnimalRabbit

Feng Shui 2021 Horoscope Outlook for RoosterROOSTER 2021 CHINESE HOROSCOPE - OVERVIEW

According to your Chinese astrology and Feng Shui forecast for 2021, Roosters have a lot of good things in store in 2021. Your horoscope ally of the Ox is the ruling sign of the year, which benefits you. The Prosperity Star is in your chart and element luck is heightened. There are amazing opportunities ahead and you have the capacity to capture them even if they seem out of reach at first. With help from the General Star, you’ll feel you know the path to take and can lead yourself there. This only enhances the normal tendency for leadership that the Rooster has. Romantic luck looks favorable and only adds to the happiness and success you can have this year.



There is no bad news for the Rooster where element luck is concerned. In fact, excellent luck exists in two areas – life force and spirit essence. This makes you willing and able to reach the top of the success and happiness scale. Put your mind to a project and it’s likely it will do well. You’ll be confident in your ideas and abilities. Dream big and believe you can have a wonderful year. Success/lung ta/windhorse luck is good, though not quite as outstanding as the other elements. Keep an image of the Victorious Windhorse Carrying A Jewel or Desktop Flag Of Victory near you to make attainment of pretty much anything well within your reach. Carry also the Windhorse Success Amulet.



Highly auspicious luck arrives for the Rooster from the Flying Star chart of 2021, where the #8 Wealth Star comes into your West sector. This sector also represents your children and descendants, so your wealth potential goes beyond benefiting you and paves the way for financial growth for generations in the future. If you use the right feng shui help to maximize financial luck it’s a good year indeed.

Make sure your West sector at home has wealth symbols around to enhance the Prosperity Star. This will manifest wealth luck for you. We recommend placing the Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl (V2), Crystal Ball with White Dzambala Tibetan Wealth God or Eight Auspicious Objects Crystal Ball in the West sector. You should carry the Annual Amulet 2021, Yellow Jambala Mantra Wand Amulet or Good Fortune Lock Amulet Keychain. You can also wear the Bejeweled Mystic Knot Bracelet, Tibetan Dzi Bead of Your Choice with Citrine Bracelet or 925 Silver Mystic Knot Pendant with Yellow Swarovski Crystals to attract wealth luck wherever you go. Ideally, hang also the Colorful Crystal Liuli Wealth Ship Tassel or Jade Mystic Knot with Lotus Tassel in your car. Stick the Wealth Dzambala Sticker (2 pieces) on the windows in the West sector or West facing windows.

Yang energy further lends positive activation to the Star, so keep the area brightly lit and full of noise and activity. The higher level of happy energy you bring to the area, whether in sound, laughter or other sources of excitement, the better the chances to achieve prosperity this year.




Unfortunately, some afflictions do threaten to dampen the spirits and success for the Rooster. The good news first – the General Star sits in the center and provides you with a sense of power and leadership. It gives so much energy and strength, though, that if not controlled it creates tension and a short fuse. To blend the perfect amount of energy for success, put this star in combination with the #8 Wealth Star in your chart and it encourages determination and drive for increased wealth luck, without fear of failure or becoming overbearing. Displaying the Power Ru Yi brings a sense of authority to the Rooster without creating anxiety or resentment from those you may need to control at work. You can also display the Brass Kwan Kong on Victory Horse or Colorful Seated Kwan Kung. Wear the Jade Kwan Kung Pendant with Oriental Necklace or carry the Crimson Phoenix Lunar Mansion Talisman.

As for afflictions, to the left and the right is the Facing 3 Killings. This can bring about three different kinds of misfortune, according to feng shui belief: loss of a loved one, loss of money and loss of your reputation. Since all three are possible, it’s critical to combat this negativity by placing the Feng Shui cure 3 Celestial Guardians Plaque or 3 Celestial Shields in your East sector to ward off the harm. It can also be placed in the West if you make sure it’s facing East direction. Never turn your back to the East since it makes you vulnerable to betrayal and backstabbing from the affliction. Carry the 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Keychain for added protection.



2021 Chinese Horoscope Health LuckAccording to Rooster's 2021 horoscope prediction, it may only be an average level for the 64-year-old, but by taking better care of yourself you should avoid anything serious. Good health is in store for the 28, 40, 52 and 88-year-olds, who look in fine shape to avoid health issues in 2021. The 16 or 76-year-old Roosters, however, should see a doctor at the first sign of an illness to avoid anything serious. Keep yourself strong by watching food and drink intake and getting more rest. It’s not the time to just assume you’ll be fine. Pay more attention to maintaining balance lifestyle and have ample rest.

For those with neutral or poor health forecast, you can improve your health luck in 2021 by displaying the Golden Feng Shui Bagua Wu Lou or Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals (s) in your home. Carry or wear a Feng Shui health amulet: Medicine Buddha Amulet For Good Health & Protection or Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet. Hang the Yellow Liuli Feng Shui Wulou Tassel or Clear Quartz Wu Lou for Health with Bell Hanging in your car to make sure you are protected from infectious disease energies wherever you travel.

Keep the Anti-Illness Amulet Card or Good Health Amulet Card in your wallet.



2021 Chinese Horoscope Wealth LuckModerate wealth luck is in store for the 52-year-old Rooster, who may not increase their finances as much as they want but should not run into a shortage of money or a serious loss. There is good news for the 28, 64, and 88-year-olds, which promises financial security and the growth of money. Display the Wealth Cabinet In White or Treasure Chest Dharani in your main living space to fully boost your money luck and you can look forward to a prosperous career, investments that pay off, and maybe even a windfall of sorts.

Caution will be needed by the 16, 40 and 76-year-olds now, when risks are not advised as your wealth luck is poor. Investments are not wise, and risks of any type are ill-advised. Watch your spending and hold on to the money you have rather than looking for any bold moves to avoid slipping into financial crisis.

Feng Shui products to encourage money growth and preservation of wealth luck for Rooster-born with average or poor wealth luck ratings are the Hooking Abundance Mirror or Crystal Ball with White Dzambala Tibetan Wealth God - to be displayed on your workdesk. You can also carry a Golden Money Frog Keychain, "Hum" Dakini Wealth Protection Amulet or wear an Crystal Pi Yao Protection Pendant Amulet or Yellow Dragon Jade Stone Pendant to attract money luck. Stick the Wealth Dzambala Sticker (2 pieces) near you.

Keep the Increase Your Wealth Luck Gold Talisman Card or Wealth Pi Yao Gold Talisman Card in your wallet.



2021 Chinese Horoscope Career LuckLaying a solid foundation for the future is on the mind of the 16-year-old Rooster in 2021. This Rooster appreciates being taken seriously and not like a child. Students taking exams can turn to the Manjushri Dhih Scholastic Amulet or Scholastic Amulet Keychain (Red) for support.

There are no serious roadblocks in the way of the 28-year-old Rooster in their chosen career or if they are continuing their training in a particular field of expertise. Roosters who own their own business or are launching one could see it really take off. Don’t hold back your creative ideas and place a Dragon Horse or Chi Lin in your work area for encouragement toward victory. The only problem could be envy by others who want your success. Carrying/wearing the "Anti-Jealousy" Medallion or sticking the Evil Eye Sticker (2 pieces) helps protect against this angry energy.

Caution is necessary for the 40-year-old Rooster, which means no risky investments or gambling, whether actual games of chance or making a risky move.

As for the 52-year-old Rooster, this year brings contentment in your career and you could expand your ideas of what you view as work success. You become less critical of yourself, and also of others. You’ll find pleasure in the personal and spiritual side of your life.

The 64-year-old Rooster finds smooth sailing in their business and could be thinking of adding another aspect to their business or learning something new. Dream outside the box and don’t doubt yourself. The Black Tortoise Lunar Mansion Talisman help give you the boost you need.

It’s time for the 76-year-old Rooster to take things easier, paying attention to their personal life and health. It’s not good for you to be stressed or worried – focus on enjoyment instead. The God of Longevity can help keep your health good and give you a long life if you call on him for blessings.

To get ahead in your career/business using Feng Shui symbols, display a Dragon Carp or Dragon Carp Stamp for Education Success  near where you work, and carry a Education & Scholastic Keychain or wear a Tibetan Dzi Bead of Your Choice with Tiger's Eye Bracelet or Pietersite Crystal Bracelet (High Grade). We recommend the Double Humped Camel For Business Success & Big Profits or Dragon Carp for those in commercial endeavors.



2021 Chinese Horoscope Love LuckProspects for love and romance look very good for Roosters this year. Relationships of all type are favored, so network and allow your natural charisma to shine through. Be more open to social activities and others will be drawn to you. You encounter new people while discarding people who have not been good for you emotionally in the past. Stay positive and look for enjoyable times.

Solidify your good luck in the love, romance and marriage department by placing a Pair of Colorful Liuli Glass Mandarin Ducks for Love or "Rabbit in the Moon" Love Enhancer (L) in your bedroom. Wearing the Moonstone Crystal bracelet (High Grade), 2 EYE Dzi Bead Pendant Necklace (SS) or Colorful Liuli Dragon and Phoenix Bracelet enhances your attractiveness and likelihood of an ideal partner appearing in your life. You can also carry a 9-Tailed White Fox Love Mirror or Love Amulet with Moon Rabbit.


Three Horoscope Allies Amulet - Ox, Rooster & Snake, Bodhisattva for Rooster (Acala) Printed on a Card in Gold or Obsidian Guardian Deity Horoscope Protector Pendant for Rooster is a must-have good luck charm for Rooster people in the year of the OX 2021.

Click on these links for more selections of Feng Shui products designed to optimize your luck or counter afflictions present in your 2021 Horoscope Feng Shui Chart: #8 Wealth Star, General Star and 3 Killings.

Fortune and Feng Shui Forecast 2021 for Rooster
Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl
Asset Wealth Bull
Treasure Chest Dharani



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