Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl (V4)

Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl (V4)
Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl (V4) Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl (V4) Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl (V4)
US$214.68 US$139.88
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Weight : 1,000.00g ( 2.20 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 4.75x4.75 in (12x12 cm)
Material: Crystal

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This beautiful rainbow crystal Wealth Bowl is created to activate and harness the energy of the #8 Earth Wealth Star that is said to bring money luck, prosperity and good fortune. The container is made of glass, an "earth material" with a lid to capture and store the wealth energies. The bowl is filled with eight earthly treasures: citrine chips, an ammonite, a jade stone, an red agate Pi Yao, an agate slice stone, a smoky quartz point, and a phantom quartz stone.These stones also double as a pendant that you can wear if you want! We have also added eight yellow liuli Gold Ingots in it to further strengthen its power!

The "treasures" in the bowl are worth $214.68 but we are offering this at a value buy of $139.88 only.

The year’s #8 Wealth Star lands in the Northwest in the year 2020, and placing this Feng Shui Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl (八宝财富碗) in that location is said to magnify this prosperity energy, thus enhancing wealth and income luck for everyone in the household. With prosperity luck from this star, abundant opportunities arise to increase income and business success. Anyone can benefit from the Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl, especially those who anticipate and would welcome increased money-making projects.

In the year 2021, the Prosperity Star #8 blesses the West corner and 2022 into the Northeast.

*Pendants may vary in shape, size and color than as shown in the picture as they are natural crystals and hand-cut.

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