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High Quality Horoscope Allies Obsidian Pendant - Tiger, Dog and Horse
A stunning black obsidian pendant skillfully carved with the image of the three horoscope allies - t..
Jade 12 Chinese Horoscope Animal Pendant
Wear your own horoscope jade pendant amulet for good luck, and to express who you are! Makes a perfe..
Jade Allies Mobile Hanging - Tiger, Dog and Horse
The Tiger, Horse and Dog form one of the four zodiac allies group and will have special affinities b..
Jade Bagua Hanging
A protection amulet featuring a Bagua or the 8-trigrams with Yin Yang symbol carved out of jade.&nbs..
Jade Bat Biting Coin Pendant
This is a Jade pendant carved into a bat biting coin symbol and hangs on an adjustable necklace cord..
Jade Buddha Head Pendant Necklace
The Buddha is the very image of wisdom, calmness and serenity! This pendant exudes an aura of calmne..
Jade Chinese Horoscope Animal Sign Pendant
Beautiful jadeite pendant featuring an intricately carved Chinese horoscope animal sitting on a gold..
Jade Cicada Pendant
For those who are involved in business and competitive careers, the Feng Shui cicada will stand by y..
Jade Cicada Pendant with Stainless Steel Chain
For those who are involved in business and competitive careers, the Feng Shui cicada will stand by y..
Jade Coin "Ping An Kou" Pendant
A beautiful classic Chinese "ping an kou" jade coin pendant to bring good luck, protection..
Jade Kwan Kung Pendant with Oriental Necklace
Kwan Kung has become renowned as the “Great Protecter”, who defends politicians, busines..
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Jade Pak Choy Good Luck Pendant
The pak choi or bok choy is a very popular symbol of good luck charm particularly in Hong Kong. Phon..
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Jade Pi Yao Aventurine Lucky Charm Bracelet
The Pi Yao would sacrifice itself for its owners well being and safety. This mystical good luck c..
Jade Pi Yao Bloodstone Lucky Charm Bracelet
The Pi Yao offers its owner a minimum of eight blessings, one of which is to enhance wealth luck. ..
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Jade Wulou with Ingot Hanging
High-grade Jade hanging featuring a Wu Lou and decorated with a Chinese ingot, finished off with bea..
Kuan Yin Tibetan Dzi Bead
These Dzi Beads, named after the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, will bestow exactly that upon the ..
Labradorite 3 Round Bracelet 4mm
Delicate little 4 mm labradorite gemstone beads strung on stretchy cord help to bring healthy and he..
Labradorite Gold Fish Pendant
Beautiful Gold Fish pendant carved out of labradorite stone. Comes with a free stainless steel chain..
Labradorite Natural Crystal 3-Round Bracelet 7mm
The body tone of these mystical labradorite beads is gray and black with labradorescence of blues th..
Labradorite Natural Crystal Bracelet
Beautiful labradorite beads strung onto a durable elastic cord. The body tone of these mystical l..
Labrodorite Rose Crystal Pendant
A beautiful Rose pendant hand-carved out of Labradorite stone. Roses symbolize grace, joy, gratit..
Laughing Buddha Crystal Pendant Necklace (Jade)
Indulge your spirit and soul with this beautiful Laughing Buddha jade pendant. Indulge your spiri..
Liuli Glass Fox Pendant Necklace
Made of colored liuli glass, the fox spirit guardian deity pendant is an amulet to protect from infi..
Longevity and Fortune Tibetan Dzi Bead
These Dzi Beads has the good luck symbols of the Bat and Chinese Longevity symbol, will is believed ..
Lotus Flower Tibetan Dzi Bead
These Dzi Beads, like the Lotus flower, are an emblem of tranquillity, sincerity, harmony and purity..
Marble Crystal Ball
Crystal balls are a versatile cure of feng shui. They attract the luck energy of auspicious stars an..
Meteorite Bead Pendant (Gold)
Simple yet elegant, this powerful pendant made of Meteorite framed in 925 sterling silver is a rare ..
Mini Agate Crystal Tree
This mystical stone will increase the confidence you have in yourself, creating an environment in wh..
Mini Aventurine Quartz Crystal Tree
Aventurine will also create a sense of joy and friendliness, which will make you more well-liked amo..
Mini Clear Quartz Feng Shui Tree
Due to this amazing ability of converting negativities to positive energy, clear quartz is often use..
Mini Crystal Tortoise - Rose Quartz
The tortoise is very helpful for children that are afraid of sleeping in their own beds or have trou..
Mini Kuan Yin Tibetan Dzi Bead
These Mini Kuan Yin Dzi Beads, named after the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, will bestow exactly ..