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Seven Chakra Lava Stone Beads Healing Bracelet

Seven Chakra Lava Stone Beads Healing Bracelet
Seven Chakra Lava Stone Beads Healing Bracelet
SKU: SKU3876 (Out Of Stock)
Weight : 50.00g ( 0.11 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 0.25 in (5 to 10 inches Length) (6mm, 13 to 25 cm)
Material: Crystal

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Beautiful Seven Chakra Bracelet made of 7 natural crystals of different color (red gate, citrine, tiger's eye, green aventurine, turqoise, sodalite and amethyst, string with black lave stones.

This bracelet has been worn for centuries in India, and is believed to have healing powers. Recently, the bracelet has become popular in fashionable and cultural cities like Paris and Los Angeles.

The Seven Chakra Bracelet can be a powerful item for any age or gender, to attract peace and calm. It is said to balance the seven energies that are called chakras. Achieving balanced chakras is considered to be as important as having a balanced meal – providing health and happiness in life. It’s believed they can not only offer healing, but are an attractive and colorful accessory able to match any outfit.

The Chakra Bracelet typically has 7 colored stones or charms, each helping one of the 7 energies. These energy areas are: Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Sacral, Crown, Brow and Base

Wearing a Chakra Bracelet is thought to keep these 7 elements at their proper energy level, with the healing determined by the gemstone or crystal’s power. It’s said they absorb negative energy, leaving only positive behind. The material of the charms or stones is not as important as the colors, which range from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and white/violet combinations.

The person wearing the bracelet must have faith in its healing ability. Through this faith, the person can use the bracelet for meditation and connection with positive, life-affirming energy. Those suffering from major illness, pain, alcoholism, or mental illness have claimed the bracelet to be vital in helping their recovery. This may be possible because concentrating on the colors and the beads takes mental focus away from negativity. This has been said to result in an optimistic and bright path in the future.

Even those without major problems, who may just desire better life energy and emotional well-being, are encouraged to try wearing a 7 Chakra Bracelet. Those who wear one should keep it clean and free from dirt, to keep all energy pure.

Lava stone is found in the fiery core of the Earth. It’s a molten rock formed after a volcano’s lava has erupted. It is developed from raw energy and symbolizes rebirth and sloughing off unnecessary layers of emotional attachment. Imagine the power and strength produced by this stone. Because it comes as a result of a violent natural event, it is viewed as a stone of courage and strength, providing stability to someone who is going through major changes in life, even if they seem nearly impossible to overcome.

Lava stones are believed to help heal EMOTIONAL problems, providing a sense of calm and grounding of energy. They are also said to help heal SPIRITUAL problems because they come from a strong connection to the center of the Earth. Folklore says that soldiers were given lava stones to keep them calm in battle.

It’s advised to wear a lava stone close to your skin, or even directly resting on it, because its powers are more easily absorbed and energy flows without restrictions.

These black lava stones are porous and can absorb oil, which adheres to them. Therefore, you can add one or two drops of your preferred essential oil to the stone and wear it all day long for a great look and purposeful healing.


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