Fuk Luk Sau Jade Abacus Pendant

Fuk Luk Sau Jade Abacus Pendant
Fuk Luk Sau Jade Abacus Pendant Fuk Luk Sau Jade Abacus Pendant
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SKU: SKU4074
Weight : 30.00g ( 0.07 lbs)
Dim: 0.75x0.625x0.25 in (2x1.5x0.5 cm)
Material: Crystal

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Beautiful Abacus pendant with its beads made of Fuk Luk Sau jade.

In ancient China, the abacus was an instrument used to calculate transactions and trade deals by clerks and merchants across the lands. It is where the modern day calculator derived from – it was a board with many levels of sticks, on which little beads could be pushed back and forth to symbolize numbers and figures.

Due to its history of clever working and problem solving, the Abacus is now a symbol of prosperity and quick-thinking money-making strategies. It is used widely by people of high monetary position, such as entrepreneurs and corporation leaders. It is believed to help increase the income of businessmen, store owners and fiscal planners, ensuring that no amount of money goes uncounted. It will also benefit the careers of those involved with the stock market, banks, and trading industries.

The Abacus is said to be a very useful tool for students who are looking to excel in the subjects of accounting, mathematics, economics or physics. This tool is believed to enhance the ability to think quantitatively, and be more nimble with numbers. For individuals in the career fields of science, engineering or mathematics, an Abacus upon the work desk is reputed to increase your numerical intelligence.

Fuk Luk Sau represent the three star deities in Chinese culture. Together they are strong symbols of the most essential aspirations on which humankind depends; wealth, happiness and longevity. In Mandarin, it's read as Fu Lu Shou.

A piece of jadeite jade is considered a Fuk Luk Sau jade if it contains three distinct colors simulaneously. This kind of extraordinary jade is considered to represent the Fuk Luk Sau deities and is particularly auspicious and sought after.

Jade is the most beloved gemstone of the Chinese. Recorded history has shown that this stone has been used as jewelry since 5000 years ago! It's also known as the 'stone of heaven' or 'noble stone' and was held higher in value than gold in olden times. Jade was a symbol of rank, power and wealth for kings, emperors and noblemen. Confucius mentioned that jade contained and reflected human virtues like durability, purity, serenity and radiance. To many Chinese, jade has magical protective powers that keep the wearer from harm. Considered to be the ultimate Feng Shui crystaljade charms are said to bring harmony, attract good luck and friendship and promotes self-sufficiency. It also increases nurturing and love that can be used to harmonize dysfunctional relationships. Mentally, jade helps discard negative thoughts and soothes the mind as well as stimulates ideas.

Wearing this Abacus pendant necklace is belived to help heighten knowledge and multiply monetary gain.

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