Sodalite Crystal Bracelet

Sodalite Crystal Bracelet
SKU: SKU1778
Weight : 45.00g ( 0.10 lbs)
Dim: 6.75 in (inner circumference) (17.5 cm)
Material: Crystal

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Intense blue sodalite crystals come together to form a breathtaking bracelet.

Sodalite instills a drive for truth, and courage and self-confidence to stand up for your beliefs.Wear this stone when you know it's not easy for you to have to tell the truth or confront someone. Wear it when you need the courage to admit you've done something wrong or speak and act out of your convictions.

Sodalite is an excellent stone for the mind. It clears clouded judgement, calms the mind and help one make logical decisions. This stone helps one to eliminate old mental habits and rigid mindset and allows new information to be received. Psycologically, Sodalite brings inner peace and alleviates panic attacks. It can help you to overcome guilt, phobias and fears that can hold you back from being who you truly are and replace them with self-acceptance, self-trust and self-esteem.

Sodalite clears electromagnetic emanations and hence useful for those working in front of the computer for a long period of time.

Crystal bracelet will be cleansed before shipment

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