Colorful Liuli Dragon and Phoenix Bracelet

Colorful Liuli Dragon and Phoenix Bracelet
Colorful Liuli Dragon and Phoenix Bracelet
SKU: SKU3037
Weight : 50.00g ( 0.11 lbs)
Dim: 1.875x1x0.25 in (4.8x2.5x0.6 cm)
Material: Crystal

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Beautiful piece of wrist accessory made of colorful liuli glass featuring the symbol of the dragon and phoenix.

Liuli glass, indigenous to China, is a beautiful colored glass or crystal first made its appearance about 3000 years ago, exclusive only to Chinese royal families at that time. The pate-de-verre (pronounced as 'pot duh vair') technique used to produce a piece of Liuli is rather complicated and involves a lot of steps, time, accuracy, skill and sometimes a little bit of luck to create a good piece. That is why Liu Li is a valuable item and has become treasured collectibles for many.

The Dragon is the emblem of yang, male strength and potent fertility, while the Phoenix is the figure of yin, female enchantment and magnificence. When apart, they will serve to be very useful symbols – however, when placed together, they will bring out the best of the yin and yang harmony, symbolizing the perfect unity between a man and a woman. They will create an environment in which a beautiful love can blossom, and in which many healthy children can be born and raised. 

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