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Tibetan Dzi Bead of Your Choice with Wu Lou Bloodstone Bracelet

Tibetan Dzi Bead of Your Choice with Wu Lou Bloodstone Bracelet
Tibetan Dzi Bead of Your Choice with Wu Lou Bloodstone Bracelet
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Tibetan Dzi Bead of Your Choice with Wu Lou Bloodstone Bracelet
Tibetan Dzi Bead of Your Choice with Wu Lou Bloodstone Bracelet
Tibetan Dzi Bead of Your Choice with Wu Lou Bloodstone Bracelet
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  • Weight: 50g
  • Dim: Dzi Dia. 0.5x1.5 in, 0.325x0.325x0.5 in, 5-10 in Lgth (1.3x3.8 c
  • Material: Crystal

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Psycologically, Bloodstone encourages selflessness and assists you in acting in the present moment.

Agate Tibetan dzi bead strung with Bloodstone Wu Lou beads to form this magical charm bracelet. Wear this bracelet as it's said to attract health energies and prevent any diseases or health problems. A thoughful gift for someone facing illness as it's believed to give them strength to recover. People who often face difficulties with bad luck will find this charm helpful as Wu Lou is reputed to absorb bad chi. 

This bracelet is elastic and you can choose from the length of 5 inches to 10 inches. You can select from any of the over thirty types of Tibetan Dzi Beads to go with the crystal bracelet. Comes with a box. Crystal will be cleansed before shipping.

The Wu Lou has been a Feng Shui symbol of longevity, good health, and prosperity for many centuries. The Wu Lou, also known as the calabash is an important Feng Shui tool used in enhancing mental and physical healing, warding off physical pain and serious illness. The Wu Lou is also said to have the ability to absorb bad chi in your surrounding from bringing you harm.

For many centuries, the bloodstone, also known as the “green jasper”, has been revered as a mystical form of magic, having the potency to eliminate any malicious forces and repress negative energy. It protects any premises from unwanted visitors, and disperses the effects of surrounding bad intentions. This stone will reduce any bad chi within the body. This will do wonders for your body both emotionally (less anger, impatience and hostility) and mentally (creates clarity, reduces perplexity and allows for quick-thinking). Psycologically, it encourages selflessness and assists you in acting in the present moment. In addition to this, Bloodstone will revitalize the mind, and increase both self-confidence and creativity. It will revive the life of the beholder, and allow for a better quality of living.

Dzi beads (pronounced “ji”, meaning “brightness”) are gemstone charms that are highly worshipped in Tibet and the Himalaya mountain range. Tibetan culture highly reveres the Dzi beads and treats them as mystical charms.

Dzi beads are also known as the heavenly stones by Tibetans and are powerful adornments that are believed to transform your aura! Just by wearing them, you became more attuned to the vibrations of the universe, adjusting your outlook and natural charm very subtly to attract different kinds of luck! The secret lies in the pattern your Dzi beads have.

These decorative patterns of ovals, waves, squares and dots are not ordinary “eyes” or “lines” that are drawn for esthetics! They are symbolic codified emblems that have roots from the lineage texts, and are meant to channel the presence of various deities and protectors. When one wears these Dzi beads close to the body, on the hand or around the neck as a necklace, they carry the spiritual protective essence of powerful spirit beings!

The lucky charm beads are believed to create an abundance of benefits, among which are prosperity, good fortune, health and longevity. When the beholder wears the Dzi beads, they will adorn an “invisible cloak”, protecting them against evil forces, negative energy and supernatural spirits. Diseases and untimely deaths are also said to be avoided. Dzi can be worn by anyone regardless of religion.

All our Dzi beads will be cleansed using harmonic vibrations of the Singing Bowl and then empowered with chanting while hovering them over burning incense to ensure the Dzi Beads are well energized.

The different patterns and numbers of eyes on the Tibetan dzi beads all have different symbolic meanings:

The types of Tibetan Dzi beads to choose from:

1 Eye DziOne Eye Dzi Bead – Dzi Beads with a single eye are an icon of intelligence, also known as the "Bead of Brightness". They increase awareness and wisdom, and allow the wearer to develop a greater sense of creativity. With a clearer mind, a sense of positivity, and newfound talents, the beholder of the One Eyed Dzi Bead will be able to climb the career ladder and achieve a greater state of success in life. It also enhances happiness and helps in actualizing your wishes.

2 Eyes DziTwo Eye Dzi Bead – These Dzi beads are known as Love Stones, and symbolize just that; they can draw in everlasting love for those who are single, encourage partners to get engaged and married, as well as rejuvenate couples who are already married. Any relationships (between family or with other people) blessed with the Two Eyed Dzi Beads will be full of unity, harmony and happy feelings.

3 Eyes DziThree Eye Dzi Bead – These Dzi beads are a manifestation of the Tibetan Wealth God - the White Dzambhala. It's a symbol of having Good Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity. They offer a balanced chi to help stabilize your energy and remove any obstacles to bringing in wealth.

4 Eyes DziFour Eye Dzi Bead –The number of these Dzi beads is a signification of the four Bodhisattvas (Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri, Ksithigarbha and Samantabhadra) and the blessings they will bestow. Making use of the Four Eyed Dzi Beads is said to help remove all obstacles from the 4 directions and create smooth sailing for all endeavours, promote good health and life quality, keep anger under control as well as prevent complications in court.

5 Eyes DziFive Eye Dzi Bead – These Dzi beads conjure gifts of good grace and fortune from the five Wealth Gods, who will provide the beholder will prosperity and affluence. It also represents the blessings of Kubera, the God of Wealth. They invite contented life, happiness, blessings and positive treatment from those around you and aide in the prosperity of a long life.

6 Eyes DziSix Eye Dzi Bead – These Dzi beads serve to ensure your safety in successfully avoiding the six great challenges of life or 6 sufferings of Samsara. These potential difficulties include: losing wealth, being a victim of robbery, cheating, accident, illness or premature or unhappy death. Excellent for those who suffer from lethargy or lack of energy. Protects against bad luck.

7 Eyes DziSeven Eye Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads bring about a balanced life filled with blessings from the seven different aspirations in life. These aspirations are career, wealth, wellbeing, longevity, good death, recognition and happy family.

8 Eyes DziEight Eye Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads are an icon of the eight mystical treasures of Buddha and Buddhism. The beholder will receive these treasures, along with the good will of the eight Bodhisattvas. This will serve as a defence against danger and misfortune, and will enhance both wealth and success luck.

9 Eyes DziNine Eye Dzi Bead –  These Dzi Beads, the “King of all Dzis”, are the most revered and desired among all of the Dzi beads; as the number 9 is a symbol of completeness. This number brings all forms of luck and benefits, some of these being augmented authority, increased income, higher status on the corporate ladder, fantastic financial gains, holy blessings, good reputation, compassion, and everlasting health. In addition to this, the Nine Eyed Tibetan Dzi Beads will eliminate obstacles and allow for increase upward mobility. Also known as the "window to wisdom", it helps widen your perception and vision of life. When worn with Citrine, the benefits are enhanced.

10 Eyes DziTen Eye Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads are an emblem of perfection. They have the potency to revitalize chi and clears karmic hindrances, changing bad luck to good and stimulating happiness. Your intelligence and common sense will be enhanced, thus allowing for better social status and monetary gain. In addition to this, your relationships in life will be happier and of higher quality, especially between married couples. Highly recommended for those starting work as it enhances career development.

11 Eyes DziEleven Eye Dzi Bead – These magical Dzi Beads are a blend of the potent “Om Mani Padme Hum” mantra and the five Dhyani Buddhas. These combined powers lead to inner peace and enlightenment, as well as safeguard against fatal forces, evil energy and people with bad intentions. The 11-Eye Dzi increases one's wisdom and knowledge and brings general good fortune and accumulation of merit.

12 Eyes DziTwelve Eye Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads help with ones self-confidence, allowing them to embrace their inner courage and break through any fears of failure they may have. If you use the 12 Eyed Tibetan Dzi Beads, you will attract influence from helpful people in your life, and be rewarded with many opportunities for self-development and monetary gain. Great for those in positions of authority, it also helps in fulfilling your wishes.

13 Eyes DziThirteen Eye Dzi Bead – A symbol of the 8 auspicious objects and 5 Dhayani Buddhas, these Dzi Beads are an enhancer of harmony and tranquility, allowing the mind and body to become more balanced. Using these Beads will allow for soothing of the nerves, increased internal energy, the seeking of the path to enlightenment, as well as protection from harm and depression.

15 Eyes DziFifteen Eye Dzi Bead –These Dzi Beads will bless the beholder with an abundance of Heaven’s Luck, a very powerful form of luck which will remove obstructing obstacles and allow you to go through life without hardship. It also helps to actualize your wishes and brings general good fortune.

15 Eyes DziEighteen Eyed Tibetan Dzi – The 18 eyed Dzi is believed to help protect against compulsions and obsessions. Those with addiction or bad habits and vices e.g. sexual addictions, drug abuse, alchoholism, gambling, OCD etc. will find the Eighteen Eye Tibetan Dzi helpful. It helps create a sense of balance and moderation in life.

21 Eyes DziTwenty-One Eye Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads are on the same level of popularity as the Nine Eyed Tibetan Dzi Beads – with these Beads, the beholder will be able to reach a beautiful state of enlightenment, creating a formation of wishes to come true, enhancing recognition and awareness, increasing power of common and removing hardships. 21 Eyes Dzi also amplifies the effects of any natural crystals worn together.

Great Personage DziBig Man Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads, also known as the “Great Personage Dzi Beads”, create very potent mentor luck. You will be able to draw the influence of important and helpful people, who will enable you to attain any goals in your life.

Bodhi Tree DziBodhi Dzi Bead – These Dzis of Shakyamuni Buddha, which have the ability to defend from harm and bad intentions, are seen as holy beads. Their mystical powers can enhance educational luck, mend emotional wounds, help to attain aspiration, and set the path to enlightenment. It helps cultivate compassion and wisdom.

Constellation DziConstellation Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads are a strong symbol of being able to control your own life’s path and achieve all aspirations that you have. The formation of these beads are an emblem of this meaning; the circle is a representation of heaven, which surrounds the square figure of Earth. In the middle of these beads in a single dot, which is said allows for warp travel between dimensions, to attain the unlimited universal treasures. Using these Dzi Beads will enhance your inner potential and create happiness.

Dharma Cap DziDharma-Cap Dzi Bead – The words Dharma itself carries the meaning of Wisdom. On these beads are displayed the six dharma hat motifs, sometimes described as the `magic caps´. It is said that these symbols allow for elimination of ignorance, which is the root cause of all problems mankind faces. This will lead to a simpler and happier life for the beholder. It also helps to bring acceptance of things that happen in life.

Tibetan Dorje DziDorje Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads will provide you with the capabilities to banish evil energy and spirits, eliminate ignorance, increase your sense of inspiration and light the path to enlightenment and nirvana.

Five Bats DziFive Bats Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads will bless the beholder with five different types of luck, these being the luck of health, success, affluence, relationships and longevity. It also brings balance between one's subconscious and conscious mind, and is great for stress management. It helps with the understanding of why things happen.

5 Eye Lightning DziFive-Eye Lightning Dzi Bead – These Beads are said to be a summoner for success in many walks of life, and is very desired by Feng Shui followers. Some of its magical effects are the ability to quickly climb the career ladder, increase intelligence, enhance effects of auspicious symbols surrounding the wearer, beckoning of joyful blessings, and success in all undertaken endeavours.

Heaven and Earth DziHeaven and Earth Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads are desired because they have the ability to attract and combine the luck from both Heaven and Earth, blessing the beholder with a life full of health and happiness.

Golden Hook DziGolden Hook Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads, also known as ´Money Hook Dzi`, has a motif shaped in an S figure, similar to a hook. These Beads allow the wearer to capture wealth luck and prosperity. Many opportunities to excel will be presented, and the wearer will be blessed with comfort and happiness. Perfect for those who are doing investments, especially of the speculative kind.

Kwan Yin DziKwan Yin Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads, named after the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, will bestow exactly that upon the beholder. With these Beads, you will be able to find a renewed sense of harmony and purity of the soul. She who hears all the cries of help in the world will help you in removing spiritual and emotional burden and bring mental tranquility.

Sau & Fortune DziLongevity and Fortune Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads has the good luck symbols of the Bat and Chinese Longevity symbol, will bring you wellbeing and defence against dangerous diseases, which are often the cause of untimely death, as well as good fortune. Suitable for married couples who wish for happy and lasting marraige.

Lotus DziLotus Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads, like the Lotus flower, are an emblem of tranquillity, sincerity, harmony and purity. Your mind, body and soul will be revitalized, and the Beads will allow you to have a higher sense of compassion and elation. It helps to declutter your mind and remove biased opinions.

Garuda DziMythical Bird Garuda Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads, also known as the “Garuda Dzi Beads”, have the ability to heighten ones reputation and increase luck with fame. In addition to this, these Dzi Beads will keep you safe from malicious spirits, evil energy, disease and death. Wear this dzi if you travel a lot.

Ruyi DziRu Yi Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads will enhance your state of command, allowing you to climb the career ladder and increase your income. You will have a stronger grip in fields such as business or politics, and be able to think with a new sense of clarity of mind. It is believed to grant your wishes and protect the owner from making bad decisions.

Tiger Tooth DziTiger Tooth Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads boast the traits of the mighty tiger, and will bless the beholder with a sense of courage, confidence, might and perseverance. You will be able to overcome any obstacles in your path, jumping over them with ease and recovering quickly. In addition to this, these Beads instil virtue, to repress negative energy and evils. They also support concentration and help one make good decisions.

Tortoise Shell DziTortoise Shell Dzi Bead – These Dzi Beads bless you with a hard shell to defend yourself against harm and disease. You will receive important support, and be blessed with health and long life. It's a good dzi to wear if you pursue physical activities and action sports. It helps with recovery from injuries.

Vajra Implement & Phurba DziVajra Implement and Phurba Dzi Bead – These Beads have the very powerful property of being able to eliminate all negative energies and dissipate anger and tensions. All bad energies are revitalized for the wearer of this dzis, and all sinful feelings of jealousy, ignorance and hatred are replaced with positive emotions.


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