Wishfulfilling Jewel (Clear) 60mm

Wishfulfilling Jewel (Clear) 60mm
Wishfulfilling Jewel (Clear) 60mm Wishfulfilling Jewel (Clear) 60mm
SKU: SKU2266 (Out of Stock)
Weight : 200.00g ( 0.44 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 2.375x1.625 in (6x4.1 cm)
Material: Crystal

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This fascinating jewel is believed to make your wishes come true! Do the following daily or as frequently as your can and you will see for yourself the wish-granting power of this sparkling jewel. Hold it in your palms shut your eyes. Relax. Run through your mind your wishes and clearly envision yourself achieving them, as though it is happening right now, at this very moment. Be aware and feel the happy thoughts of your wishes being materialized. When you are finished, place the jewel on your nightstand or on your office table, or any location that's often in your sight and let the magic happens.

Comes with a beautiful chromed stand.

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