12 Emperor's Coins Ingot Tassels

12 Emperor's Coins Ingot Tassels
12 Emperor's Coins Ingot Tassels 12 Emperor's Coins Ingot Tassels
SKU: SKU4842
Weight : 70.00g ( 0.15 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 0.875 in (coin), Lgth 13 in (2.5 cm, 33 cm)
Material: Brass

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A beautiful Feng Shui tassel made up of 12 emperor's coins tied with copper wire to form a Chinese gold ingot.

Gold ingots, or "yuan bao" in Chinese, were the ancient currency in China between influential people, such as government officials and emperors and is analogous to our nowadays gold bars. It is because of this that today, Chinese gold ingots have the Feng Shui symbolism of wealth and high status. They are designed in a special manner by great Feng Shui masters of ancient time to best release wealth luck and good chi.

For many centuries, Chinese coins have been a very desirable symbol, signifying prosperity and owning many riches. The coins from the Ching Dynasty, the most powerful dynasty in Chinese history, are the most highly valued. Coins used during the reign of the emperors Kang Ksi or Chien Long are also highly revered, and said to be more auspicious than others. The coins were also used to protect these emperors from any bad intents by others, and so are today used as amulets against harm.

The Chinese coin itself has an interesting design and depiction; because it is round, with a square-shaped hole in the center, it is said to be a representation of earth surrounded by heaven. It is for this reason that, when utilized by humans, they are an emblem of the harmony of the “Heaven-Earth-Man”. The coin has two sides; The Yang side, which boasts the four Chinese signs of the emperor’s reign, and the Yin side, which features 2 characters. 

Because coins are very strong in metal energy, they function most strongly in the West, Northwest and North sectors of the home or office. There are all kinds of places you can tuck these feng shui coins to invite the great fortune of wealth luck into your life.


  1. Placement in the West and Northwest sectors strongly activates the vibrance of the metal energy making them more powerful. These sectors govern descendant and mentor luck respectively.
  2. To stimulate the effects of the wealth corner, hang the Feng Shui Coins Tassel in the Southeast sector or you living room, bedroom or work place. 
  3. These coins can be used as a repressor for the evil effects of the Illness Flying Star #2 (which brings diseases and death), and of the #5 Yellow Flying Star (Disaster Star which causes misfortunes and accidents).
  4. To repress evil energy that is the origin of accidents, hang the Coins tassel from the rear-view mirror of your vehicle. This is believed to remove any bad chi from your travels, and allow for smooth sailing on all journeys as well as attract wealth luck.

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