Brass Feng Shui Bat Biting Coins on Peaches

Brass Feng Shui Bat Biting Coins on Peaches
Brass Feng Shui Bat Biting Coins on Peaches Brass Feng Shui Bat Biting Coins on Peaches
SKU: SKU2940
Weight : 1,045.00g ( 2.30 lbs)
Dim: 7.75x2.5x5 in (19.7x6.4x12.7 cm)
Material: Brass

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This time-honored Feng Shui symbol of a bat perching atop two peaches and biting on two coins represents fantastic wealth luck and excellent health luck - the two utmost importance to everyone of us!

Bats are a symbol of prosperity in Feng Shui. Considered an enhancer for wealth, the sound of the word for bat in Chinese, “fook” is very similar to the word for prosperity “fuk.”Contrary to the bat’s association in Western culture with monsters and darkness, bats in Chinese culture are considered very auspicious good luck charms with the ability to scare off evil or negative energies.

Bat’s highly developed sensory skills are believed to be useful in picking-up on and drawing good chi. They are known for their abilities to navigate confidently through the dark to discover the resources they need to survive and build and prosper in great colonies. It is very common to see bats decorating objects in Chinese cultures, their presence is thought to invite abundance and offer security.

Ancient emperors and rulers in China had bat symbols embroidered onto their silk robes and sometimes even their thrones to serve as status symbols of great wealth and income. The image of the bat would be combined with other symbols of wealth and prosperity like the dragon or crane, to offer a coveted and joyful lucky garment or object to their owners.  

From legends it is passed down that deep in the cave of the mountains of China are bats who lived for a thousand years off of their own breath and eating stalactites. From living off of their own strong energy and eating this powerful earth element they turned silvery in color. Bats is believed to be able to share this long life and skill in harnessing resources with those they encounter.

Here are some Feng Shui cures commonly used with the bat:

  1. Place the bat behind where you sit at your workplace desk. This is said to help draw the energy of good fortune and prosperity toward you, while deterring any negative energy.
  2. Bats can be displayed on the walls of many rooms of your home such as the bedroom, kitchen or library or even in your vehicle for added protection and prosperity luck.
  3. Displaying the bat symbol prominently in your central hallway or next to the front door is said to boost both your prosperity luck and your success in career pursuits. 
  4. Hang them on the outside of your door or window as this is believed to help ward off disease and help those suffering from illness.
  5. In feng shui bagua formula, place the bat in the Northwest sector of your home, the zone of mentor luck. It will help to attract a benefactor or mentor to guide you on your way to your next stage of success in life or help from powerful people in times of crisis. This is called the energy of Gui Ren or nobleman luck.

Bats are often depicted in one of several ways. Very common is the visual placement of 5 bats together or near one another to summon wu fu, the auspicious energy of the Five Blessings. These blessings are wellness, prosperity, satisfying relationships, good character and a natural death from old age. These blessings are said to be the beginning of eternal joy and enlightenment.

Bats are also often shown biting a gold coin in their mouth, to enhance their symbolism as wealth bringers. Finally bats are also sometimes displayed alongside flowers. This contrasts their male Yang energy with the feminine Yin of the flowers to create a sense of balance and harmony in the space. However you decide to place a bat into your home, as a symbol it is well known for increasing good luck and prosperity. 

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