Bodhi Leaf Keychain with Crystal

Bodhi Leaf Keychain with Crystal
Bodhi Leaf Keychain with Crystal
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Dim: 2.25x2.5 in, 5.25 in Lgth (6x6.5 cm, 13 cm)
Material: Metal

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This beautiful tasseled keychain features the Bodhi leaf, a crystal stone and mystic knot is designed to attract lots of prosperity, good communication luck and auspiciousness for you.

The Bodhi Leaf comes from the Bodhi Tree- the tree under which the Buddha gained spiritual awakening, and is sacred in India and Sri Lanka. This tree or the leaf is therefore regarded as an auspicious symbol of the Enlightenment of the Buddha. The Bodhi Leaf is believed to enhance educational luck, mend emotional wounds, help to attain aspiration, and set the path to enlightenment.

The mystic or endless knot is a symbol of unending good fortune and healthy interrelationships in Feng Shui, while the seed syllable hum embodies the trinity of heaven, earth and mankind and is believed to contain the foundation of all mantras and prayers. It's believed to invoke the help from cosmic forces to overcome affliction, brings a good life and protects from spirit harm, danger, premature or accidental.

Carry the Bodhi leaf mantra keychain with crystal gemstone to protect yourself from politicking of others and troublesome people causing aggravations. It’s also said to keep your inner essence stable and let you enjoy greater joy from your personal relationships and in your career.

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