Big Auspicious Mirror

Big Auspicious Mirror
Big Auspicious Mirror Big Auspicious Mirror
SKU: SKU5452
Weight : 470.00g ( 1.04 lbs)
Dim: 3.375x2.125x5.5 in (8.5x5.5x14 cm)
Material: Metal

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Display the Big Auspicious Amulet with featuring a pair of good fortune Piyao, Wealth Amulet and the Wish-Fulfilling Mantra to help you capture the "Big Auspicious" energies of the year and elevate yourself to a whole new level!

The Big Auspicious is a special Feng Shui Star that brings great luck in business, careers, power and recognition. It is believed to manifest awesome opportunities and windfalls that bring immense wealth luck and good fortune that will change your life in a big way. You will become a magnet for big things to come to you if you are able to harness its energy. If the Stars of Big Auspicious is in your annual 24 Mountains chart, it would benefit greatly to display this Feng Shui mirror although everyone should have one regardless of animal sign.

The Small Auspicious Star brings continuous good fortune occurrences, in smaller ways. It helps increase success in your endeavors and makes your life smoother. Do activate this Star so that you year will be sprinkled with many triumphant and sweet moments that bring much joy and fulfillment to you.

Perfect for those who have been waiting for that big break and golden opportunity, who have been stuck in a rut or want to climb the corporate ladder quickly.

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