Bejeweled Golden Stupa

Bejeweled Golden Stupa
Bejeweled Golden Stupa Bejeweled Golden Stupa
SKU: SKU3576
Weight : 230.00g ( 0.51 lbs)
Dim: 1.75x1.75x3 in (4.5x4.5x7.5 cm)
Material: Metal

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This beautiful bejewelled golden mini Buddhist Stupa is specially designed to disperse bad affliction stars present in the Paht Chee chart of the year. It will help to stabilise the energies. You can fill it with crystal chips (sold separately) and place it in the living room or on the altar for protection of the household.

The Stupa is one of the oldest Buddhist symbol representing Buddha's holy mind, enlightenment and Dharmakaya. This holy monument is designed with sacred geometries and deep symbolism, with each part of it showing the path to Enlightenment. Filled with Buddhist relics and other holy objects, it's said that Stupas have incredible power that emanates blessings and helps purify one's karma and gain merits by simply walking around it, or even looking upon it.

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