Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Rooster

Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Rooster
Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Rooster Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Rooster Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Rooster
SKU: SKU2582
Weight : 350.00g ( 0.77 lbs)
Dim: 3.625x2x4.5 in (9x5x11.5 cm)
Material: Metal

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The ancient believed that the rooster had five characteristics - civility, militancy, bravery, benevolence and trust.

This glamorous hand-made Bejewelled Wish-Fulfilling Rooster has been intricately embedded with dazzling crystals and accented with colorful enamel. The numerous glittering gems and the resplendent gold finish are a representation of abundant riches and wealth. Within its body, it boasts a hidden compartment, easily open and closed with a magnetic clasp – this serves as a “wish fulfilling box”, in which the beholder inscribes their wish on a slip of paper and locks it in the compartment.

This rooster reflects radiance, and is pompous over his extravagant crown and fine feathers. A work of beauty, this impressive Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Rooster is absolutely striking when shone with lights, attracting many admiring eyes, as well as emitting vibes of prosperous chi and the good traits the item represents.

The Rooster is a symbol of courage, dependability, diligence, self-determination of perseverance. Often related to the yang principle and features such as loyalty and bravery, the Rooster is a fine feng shui symbol to keep in the home. With his ever-attentive eyes, he is said to be always alert and ready to “peck away” any danger to your relationship, career or wealth. In tradition Feng Shui beliefs, the rooster is known to be a bearer of good fortune and joyous activities. Not only does it bring happiness, but it eliminates the bad. The pronunciation of chicken in Chinese is similar to 'auspicious'.

The ancient believed that the rooster had five characteristics - civility, militancy, bravery, benevolence and trust. The crest is likened to that of a rooster wearing a crown which is seen as a symbol of virtue. The spurs on the rooster's feet are seen as a symbol of fighting spirit. When faced with an enemy, the rooster is believed to be brave enough to take on the challenge. Benevolence is seen when the rooster shares its food with other roosters. It is also trustworthy because man relies on the rooster for its wake-up crows in the morning.

In Feng Shui, the Rooster has a number of ways to better your life and provide you with better luck and beneficial effects:

1) Display this Feng Shui product at the main door of your home is believed to thwart any adultery or affairs in the family. Giving your loved one a Rooster figure to keep in the office will serve to be useful, as the Rooster is said to help keep an eye open to eliminate the chance of third-party interference.

2) Place a Rooster figurine on a cabinet behind your chair or desk at work, but make sure it faces diagonally to the door of the front entrance of your office; this will cause the Rooster to peck and eliminate any negative energy originating from betrayal and backstabbing which is common in the workplace. It is also useful to, in offices that have cubicles similar to a centipede arrangement, display a Rooster statuette on your boss’ desk. This is said to serve to exterminate the centipede, which is often the cause of arguments and chaos in the workplace.

3) Keeping a Rooster in your office is believed to greatly assist you if you have a political career, as it will keep luck with you and prevent betrayals that you didn’t see coming.

4) According to Feng Shui Bagua 8 Aspirations of Life Formula, when placed in the South corner, the Rooster is reputed to be an ideal enhancer of recognition, reputation and accomplishment luck. Recognition luck is the kind of luck that will help your hard work or efforts get noticed and appreciated, your ideas and plans get listened to, and your accomplishments praised and acknowledged by your superior or boss. Without this luck, your good work will often be overlooked and your weaknesses being constantly picked on.

All our feng shui products are cleansed and infused with positive energy before shipping.

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