Wealth Inviting Bagua Mirror with Mountain and Sea

Wealth Inviting Bagua Mirror with Mountain and Sea
Wealth Inviting Bagua Mirror with Mountain and Sea
SKU: SKU5124
Weight : 370.00g ( 0.82 lbs)
Dim: 7.5x7.5x0.5 in (19x19x1.5 cm)
Material: Wood

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This unique Taoist all-round door protection plaque features a bagua (convex mirror surrounded by the eight trigrams), an image of mountains and sea and auspicious wordings for good wealth, good nobleman luck and family safety. This forms a powerful tool that diffuses the impact of killing chi aiming at your house and keep harmful evil spirits and entities away, while encouraging entrance of positive ones. On the back is printed with protective taoist talisman and the Four Celestial Beasts. Taoist talismans are commands or edicts from the spiritual realms, written in a special form of calligraphy that utilizes symbols, mantra's and mudra's.

This Taoist talisman is meant to be hung outside your house to protect a household against evil spirits and poison arrows, ensure safety to the family members, attract wealth, dispel sorcery and activate good Feng Shui energy.

A bagua is a useful cure in Feng Shui. It is widely utilized for protection against very dangerous energies (such as the killing energy “Shar Chi” created from “poison arrows” which are angled towards your home or workplace). These poison arrows come from many sharp-edged corners outside your home; lamp posts, buildings, t-junctions and other imposing structures. The types of issues that arise from this Shar Chi can be mild from arguments and tension, to the severe - sickness, accidents, and sometimes even fatalities.

There are two types of baguas: the Convex Bagua and the Concave Bagua. The Convex is used to deflect all negative chi. When using this, one must be cautious as to not bounce the negative energy to neighbours or surroundings. One should only make use of the Convex Bagua if the Shar Chi is very strong, or if one is positive that using it will do no harm to others in the area. If not, always opt for a concave or the not so common flat mirror bagua.

*Note* Never place a feng shui bagua inside your home or office. Display baguas at the chi entry points of your home or office – in front of a door or window will suffice in driving away bad chi.

1) If your home has a main entrance facing towards a cemetery, hospital, police station, houses of worship and schools, a bagua will serve to break down killing chi aiming your home, preventing it from entering and forming bad luck.

2) When a bagua mirror is displayed above a main entrance, it will serve to drive away malevolent spirits, bad luck and people with bad intentions.

3) To remove the threat of “poison arrows” (killing chi) coming from lamp posts, straight poles, trees or buildings from affecting you and your family, place this feng shui product in the area facing any of these obstacles.

4) The bagua also diffuses the effects of “poison arrows” originating from the corners of buildings or other angles pointing towards your home.

5) If your home is at the center of a t-junction, with cars constantly driving head-on towards it, a bagua will prevent any good chi from speeding past and instead allow your home to absorb it.

6) Any bad luck from dangerous chi is dissolved by a bagua mirror at the main entrance.

The bagua prevents many dangerous events from occurring; it can prevent illnesses, accidents, depression and death of the members of a household, if used correctly in the above-mentioned ways. In addition, you should remember to always place the bagua atop the entrance or porch which the “poison arrows” are aimed at. Also, always remember that a bagua should never be displayed inside the home.

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