6 Inch Convex Bagua Mirror

6 Inch Convex Bagua Mirror
6 Inch Convex Bagua Mirror
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Dim: 6.375x6.375x0.75 in (16x16x1.9 cm)
Material: Wood

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A bagua (Pakua / Pa Kua / Ba Gua) mirror is a very useful tool in Feng Shui to deflect negative energies.

Baguas (Pakua) are widely used in Feng Shui to cure certain types of very strong negative energies and prevent them from entering your home or building. A bagua is considered an authoritative map to the energetic channels of your indoor space. The English translation of Bagua is “8 areas.”

Bagua’s are octagonally shaped, made of wood, with the 8 trigrams of the I-Ching on each side and a round mirror in the center. The I-Ching symbols are widely believed to hold sacred power or luck-energy. They detail the directional, energetic and creative forces in our lives. The 8 authoritative symbols of the I-Ching include:

  • Qian-Heaven: sky, force, strong, creative, father-figure, NW, horse, 1
  • Li-Fire, Dui- lake, open, joyous, tranquil, pleasure, 2nd daughter, S, pheasant, 3
  • Zhen-Thunder: shake, arousing, inciting, movement, 1st son, E, dragon, 4 
  • Xun-Wind: ground, gentle, penetrating, entering, 1st daughter, SE, fowl, 5
  • Kan-Water: gorge, boundless, in-motion, dangerous, 2nd son, N, pig, 6
  • Gen-Mountain: bound, keeping, still, resting, 3rd son, NE, wolf, 7
  • Kun-Earth: field, receptive, yielding, devoted, mother-figure, SW, cow, 8

When a Bagua Mirror is installed properly, Qian trigram is at the top and Kun trigram is at the bottom. This generates a magnificent bad Qi repelling force.

The shape of the mirror at the heart of Bagua affects weather the bad Qi is absorbed, reflected or neutralized. Concave Bagua mirrors, which are shaped like bowls, absorb all of the bad Qi. Convex mirrors, shaped like upside down bowls, reflect it. Convex Bagua mirrors are the most powerful; but their use is questionable because their force reflects bad energy that could affect your neighbours and bring you bad karma. Flat mirrors gently diffuse the energy but are the least powerful. One should only make use of the Convex Bagua if the Shar Chi is having a severe effect, or if one is positive that using it will do no harm to others in the area. If not, always opt for a concave or flat bagua.

Baguas main usage in Feng Shui is for offering protection against the killing energy of poison arrows or “Shar Chi.” Poison arrows are a highly dangerous energy that come from severe features outside your home. Things that generate Shar Chi include sharp corners, edges of buildings, imposing structures, lamp posts, landscaping structures, cemeteries, hospitals, police stations, schools or places of worship. Poison arrows also may come from traffic intersections or escalators where movement is pointed directly at your home (such as a T-intersection).

If poison arrow energy is not remedied it is believed to cause bad luck, accidents, physical illness, psychological illnesses such as depression, or in some cases, even death. This kind of Chi coming through the entranceway to your home or building in a mild form will cause disagreements and constant arguments amongst the occupants. It is best to protect against all poison arrow energy from entering your home with a bagua.

Feng Shui Baguas are placed outside of the home over windows or doorways where bad Qi may enter. If you have a porch, place it over the entrance to your porchway.

DO NOT place baguas inside as it can be harmful or even deadly to others. When outside over the doorway Baguas repulse evil spirits, poor-intentioned people, negative energy and even bad chi that may enter your home without you knowing it.

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