9 Ring Sword Keychain

9 Ring Sword Keychain
9 Ring Sword Keychain 9 Ring Sword Keychain
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Weight : 40.00g ( 0.09 lbs)
Dim: 2x0.375x0.25 in, 5 in Lgth (5.1x1x0.6 cm, 12.7 cm)
Material: Brass

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This magnificent Kwan Kung's Nine Ring Sword is believed to help you to swipe away all obstacles in your business.

This powerful implement of war is bejeweled and inscribed with the Ursa Major, the seven stars of the Great North Pole on its blade. Chinese Astrology is based on these seven stars.

Martial arts legend has it that this formidable Sword makes a special sound during fight to confuse the enemy into thinking that the warrior has 9 swords. According to Lillian Too, the 9 Ring Sword is believed to have the power to overcome 9 types of enemy tactics or cheating energy in trade or business. They are those who will overcharge you, steal your items, swindle you, refuse to pay you, undersupply products to you, lie to you, steal your staff, steal your ideas and trick you into signing away your life!

This Feng Shui enhancer also helps to activate the power of 9 (the Flying Star lucky multiplying star). Its metal energy can also be used to weaken the earth energy of the misfortune #5 star and #2 Illness star. It also helps to control any robbery afflictions in your astrological chart.

If you are a business owner or manager, carry this classic sword always with you. It is said to help you cut through all obstacles and hindrances and ensures smooth success in all your projects and ventures.

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