Bejeweled Buddha Acala

Bejeweled Buddha Acala
Bejeweled Buddha Acala Bejeweled Buddha Acala Bejeweled Buddha Acala Bejeweled Buddha Acala
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Weight : 1,300.00g ( 2.87 lbs)
Dim: 5x3.25x5 in (13x8x13 cm)
Material: Metal

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This bejeweled Acala Buddha statue in resplendent gold and red colors, with attention given to details is truly a stunning work of art. It has a secret compartment for you to keep your wishes and aspirations written on a piece of paper.

For the Rooster, the Guardian deity is Acala Buddha, who possesses amazing energy to help ward off disasters, ease one’s problems and to help manifest fortune and health. This protector deity helps in removing obstacles, while attracting wealth luck and abundance. The deity will go to great lengths to protect and help guide the life of his charge. Thus in the year of the Rooster, it's very auspicious to invite the Acala Buddha into your home - to benefit everyone regardless of horoscope sign.

Acala in Sanskrit means “Wisdom King.” The Buddhist deity Acala is frequently shown engulfed in flames, helping him burn away negative karmic ties, while he holds a sword to cut through ignorance and attack inner demons, and a chain to recapture those who have fallen away from the path of righteousness. He may appear fierce but his true nature is compassionate and his goal is to be of eternal service, especially for the Rooster in need of his wisdom, faith and attention.

The powerful Acala Buddha is a great cure to suppress the bad energy brought by the the Killing or Conflict Stars. In the year 2017, the Yearly Conflict star flies into the North, affecting the Rat-born and those sleeping in a bedroom here. The Yearly Killing flies into the Southeast, affecting the Dragon-born and people whose bedroom is located in SE. The Rabbit and Rooster-born are afflicted by the Three Killings in 2017. You can place the Acala Buddha statue in the East or West respectively to stay protected from this malignant energy.

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