Golden Deities Heaven Seal

Golden Deities Heaven Seal
Golden Deities Heaven Seal
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Weight : 520.00g ( 1.15 lbs)
Dim: 2.5x3.25x1.625 in (6.5x8.5x4 cm)
Material: Glass

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This gorgeous clear crystal prism etched with auspicious Chinese inscriptions is designed to energize the power of the Golden Deities.

Display the Golden Deity Heaven Seal in the Northwest in year 2017 to give you the authority to control Heaven related circumstances and bring divine protection and support from the Celestial Jade Emperor. It's highly recommended to everyone especially if you are Dog or Pig-born, or if your main door or bedroom is located in the Northwest.

This Feng Shui crystal is also ideal to be used to activate the #6 Heaven Star which brings Heavenly Luck and Windfall Luck. The location of the #6 Flying Star in 2017 is North. In the year 2018, the Heavenly Star #6 blows into the SW, 2019 into East corner and 2020 into NorthEast corner.

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