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The wind chime, also known as the “magic bell” is acknowledged by many as the most potent and versatile Feng Shui cure and enhancer. Using wind chimes is an ideal solution for those lacking the expense to integrate Feng Shui into every aspect of their home or office; they are simple yet powerful enough to correct bad feng shui due caused by different factors. A well-designed wind chime is also said to ward off evil spirits and summon good fortune to the household.

Windchimes are very versatile - they can be used to cure malignant Flying star, to suppress bad luck in toilets or storerooms, to deflect killing energies, to slow down rushing harmful chi and to enhance good flying stars.

Excellent gift for any Feng Shui practitioner.

Click on the various designs of Wind chimes product below to learn more about their symbolic meaning and how to benefit from their powers with Feng Shui tips on their correct placement and usage.

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Golden Feng Shui 7 Metal Tibetan Bell
Bells have been an indispensable tool of religious and magical rites throughout the history of man. ..
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Good Luck Protection Bells
Beautiful antique-style oriental bells infused with a myriad of good luck symbols and characters ..
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Kuan Yin Protection Bell
Hang this amulet bell in the rear-view mirror of your car for protection from unfortunate events. ..
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Six-Rod Victory Banner Wind Chime
Hang this this Victory Banner Windchime in the Northwest of your home or office as it's said to ..
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Flying Horse 9 Rod Windchime
The Flying Horse 9 Rod Windchime is made of nine hollow rods hung to a metal plate featuring a Winge..
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