Wealth Pot / Vase


The Wealth pot is a particularly promising symbol of endless prosperity, wealth and success – the treasure flowing out of it (such as gold ingots, gold bars, coins and pearls) all contribute to this symbolism. By using a wealth pot, it is said that you are attracting wealth luck from all directions into your home or workplace, while at the same time averting a monetary loss. It is for this reason that many people in the field of sales, business and speculative investments seek wealth pots. They are also said to be very useful to those who are looking to increase their affluence luck and draw premium luck.

In Asia, wealth pots are widely placed in homes or offices; in most shops, a wealth pot placed at the cashier counter is believed to multiply prosperity and fortune. One can also view wealth pots placed in the vicinity of Chinese Wealth Gods; this practice is reputed to make the pot even more powerful. Exhibiting this stimulant of prosperity luck on your desk or workplace signifies attracting wealth luck and good fortune to your life and to your business.

Excellent Feng Shui gift for those in business or who own a shop.

Click on the various designs of Wealth Pots/Vase/Chest below to learn more about their symbolic meaning and how to benefit from their powers with Feng Shui tips on their correct placement and usage.


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Wealth Pot with Four Celestial Animals
Beautiful replica of ancient Chinese incense pot embossed with the four celestial animals (dragon..
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Wealth Pot with Ru Yi
The Wealth vase is a particularly promising symbol of prosperity, wealth and success – the ..
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White Victory Feng Shui Horse with Treasure
Absolutely gorgeous figurine of a Feng Shui victory white horse on a bed of treasure to signify spee..
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Brass Wealth Pot Incense Burner
This is a highly auspicious Wealth Pot Incense Burner made of brass. The wealth pot is stacked high ..
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Prosperity Wealth Bag with Stacks of Gold Ingots
This is a beautiful wealth bag plated in auspicious shiny gold color with stacks of bejeweled gold i..
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