Money Frog Biting Coin Tassel

Money Frog Biting Coin Tassel
Money Frog Biting Coin Tassel
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Weight : 60.00g ( 0.13 lbs)
Dim: 2x2.375x0.5 in, Lgth 13 in (5x6x1.5 cm, 33 cm)
Material: Metal

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The Money Frog biting on coin is a Feng Shui symbol used to attract wealth luck.

1) Display this good luck charm in the Southeast sector of your workplace or living room; this is known as the “Wealth Sector” based on Feng Shui Bagua, and will enhance both your windfall luck for members of the household.

2) The Money Frog is reputed to bring you sudden bursts of windfall luck when displayed in your “Sheng Chi” corner (Feng Shui Kua), as well as the areas of your home where the #8 and #9 lucky Flying Stars are located.

3) The lucky charm is essential for businessmen who are seeking to expand their business; when placed at integral points of customer interaction (such as counters and cash registers), the frog is said to create a better money-generating environment.

4) For individuals who have careers in which commission is a bonus, place a Money Frog beside your desk or in a diagonal direction to the main entrance of your house; this is said to subconsciously encourage customers to tip to your benefit.

5) Hang this Feng Shui Money Frog Tassel in your car and it will give out vibes to remind you of money-making opportunities.

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