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5 Metal Rod Dragon Wind Chime
Wind chimes have the ability to decelerate chi which is rushing by, causing it to be distributed mor..
22k Gold Plated Gold Ingot Pendant for Wealth
A classical symbol of wealth and asset accumulation, wear this fine and beautiful Gold Ingot Pendant..
8-Sided Mirror Fan for Longevity and Career Keychain
This beautiful bejeweled 8-Sided Mirror Fan is designed to bring strong long term career luck and lo..
Bejeweled Mandarin Ducks to Enhance Love Luck
This beautiful hand-made Bejewelled Wish-Fulfilling Mandarin Ducks has been intricately embedded wit..
Bejewelled Goddess Kurukulle
Depicted in red with four arms, holding a bow and arrow made of flowers in one pair of hands and a h..
Dharani of Avalokiteshvara Printed on A Card in Gold
To invite the sacred blessings of the Compassionate Buddha, chant the Heart Dharani Sutra of Avaloki..
Empowering Mirror Fan for Power & Influence Keychain
This Empowering Mirror Fan is stamped with a powerful mantra which brings you magnifying influences ..
Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati
Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, music, art and learning and wisdom. She is represented seated..
Golden Metal Wu Lou Tassel
A beautiful golden metal Wulou tassel embellished with a Yin Yang bead and a Chinese gold coin. Perf..
Heart Sutra Mantra Printed on Card in Gold
Bring forth all the higher wisdoms of all the Buddhas of the ten directions into your consciousness ..
Kuan Yin Bringing Abundance
Wearing an expression of pure peace and striking a pose of tranquility, this standing Kuan Yin with ..
Lotus Mirror Fan Brings Prosperity and Success Energies You Way Keychain
The bejeweled Lotus Mirror Feng Shui Fan has a very potent mantra on it that is believed to repeated..
Mandala Offering with Gemstones
Place this beautiful mandala offering on your altar table or in the wealth corner (Southeast in any ..
Peacock Mirror Fan Keychain
This Peacock Feather Mirror Fan is designed to fan out all poisons that cause you suffering and mise..
Praise to 21 Tara Printed on Card in Gold
The 21 Taras act quickly to remove osbtacles to success and make your wishes into reality. Display t..
Prosperity Victory Amulet
This is an incredibly empowering prosperity amulet with powerful mantra and special emblem that acts..
Protection of Wealth and Good Name Amulet Keychain
This Feng Shui star amulet is designed to protect your Wealth Luck and Good Name, so you will not ge..
Ratnasambhava Buddha Keychain
This keychain features the Ratnasambhava Buddha sitting on a lotus on one side and a cintamani ..
Spirit Essence Enhancing Keychain
This Feng Shui amulet is designed to strengthen your Spirit Essence, or inner spiritual power. Your ..
Success Talisman Printed on a Card in Gold
Keep this Success Talisman in your purse or wallet to invoke sacred energies that attracts the luck ..
Tara Home Amulet
This beautiful Green Tara home amulet has been made in the traditional Gau prayer box shape and feat..
Wealth Activation Amulet Keychain
This Feng Shui amulet with powerful Wealth Talisman is designed to activate and boost your wealth lu..
Wealth Talisman Printed on Card in Gold
Keep this meaningful and powerful WEALTH Talisman in your purse, wallet or cardholder as it's de..
Wish Granting Jewel
This beautiful Feng Shui keychain embellished with a striking green jewel, a crown design and powerf..
10 Hum with Magic Syllable Keychain
Carry this powerful ten spoked wheel defence amulet inscribed with ten HUM and magic syllables for p..
5 Element Banner of Victory
This magnificent 5 Element Banner of Victory symbolise the power of VICTORY and THRIUMPH! You can..
5 Element Pagoda (9.5 inches)
The Five Yellow is a very dangerous affliction which can bring serious danger and mishaps and it fli..
US$159.88 US$139.88
5 Element Pagoda Keychain
The Five Yellow is a very dangerous affliction which can bring serious danger and mishaps and it fli..
8 Hum Protection Wheel Mirror
The Eight HUMs Protection Wheel Mirror is designed to protect against malignant Feng Shui affliction..
Annual Crest Amulet 2018 Keychain
This Annual Crest Amulet 2018 is designed with special emblems to attract all lucky energies in the ..
US$19.88 US$12.88
Anti Burglary Amulet Keychain
This beautiful Feng Shui keychain in blue and black is designed to protect its owner from negativity..
Bejeweled 108 Lime Tree
This luscious bejeweled Tree with 108 Limes that symbolizes endless wealth is designed to capture th..
US$169.88 US$118.88