Liuli Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant

Liuli Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant
Liuli Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant Liuli Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant
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Weight : 600.00g ( 1.32 lbs)
Dim: 1.875x3.125x2.25 in (4.75x7.94x5.7 cm)
Material: Glass

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High quality Liuli Blue Rhino and Elephant figurine perfect for Feng Shui practitioners with discerning eyes.

This Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant is made smaller in size than the standard figurine and is crafted out of liuli glass. It's ideal for Feng Shui followers who prefer Feng shui cures that do not take up too big a space and who have an eye for quality products and do not mind paying a little more.

Liuli glass, indigenous to China, is a beautiful colored glass or crystal first made its appearance about 3000 years ago, exclusive only to Chinese royal families at that time. The pate-de-verre (pronounced as 'pot duh vair') technique used to produce a piece of Liuli is rather complicated and involves a lot of steps, time, accuracy, skill and sometimes a little bit of luck to create a good piece. That is why Liu Li is a valuable item and has become treasured collectibles for many.

The Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant are a well known feng shui symbol of protection, be it against robbery, accidents, office drama or betrayal, especially against the #7 Violent Star in Period 8. The Rhinoceros and the Elephant have attained these attributes due to their formidable strength and size in the animal kingdom, their protective and resilient nature as an animal, and how they are peaceful animals but yet aggressive towards any other threatening beasts.

Here are some Feng Shui tips for the placement of this Feng Shui cure:

1) The # 7 Flying Star is a very malicious one, and brings with it burglary, robbery, violence and bloodshed. To keep this star (in our Period 8 chart) from bringing accidents and causing harm, display this Feng Shui cure in the sector affected by the star. The intrinsic element of the #7 violent star is metal. Water exhausts metal. This "Blue" Feng Shui cure with the image of two protective animals on "strong waves of water" are best representing a strong water element that will crush the #7 star metal energy.

2) Display the Blue Rhinocerosand Elephant close to the main door of the living in your home, facing towards the outside of your home. This will prevent anyone will malicious intents from coming into your home, therefore protecting the members of your family. It will also prevent any accidents of burglaries.

3) For those involved in business, placing the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant close to the main door of your office, also facing towards the outside of the premises. This will serve the same purpose as keeping this Feng Shui cure in your home, but it will also serve to prevent your enemies and competitors from getting ahead of you or sabotaging your career.

4) Keeping the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant in your workplace will help you to resolve issues regarding backstabbing and harmful colleagues. It will keep quarrelling and chaos and bay, and allow the office to be a calm and easy environment to work in.

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