Latest Feng Shui Products

Yellow Crystal Piyao Adjustable Bracelet
Pi Yao is a producer of good Feng Shui or Earth luck. It is also attracts wealth and prosperity...
Tibetan Spiritual Buddhist Kalachakra Mandala Pendant Necklace
Buddhist Tibetan Mandalas is said to transmit positive energies to the environment and to the people..
Tibetan Dzi Bead of Your Choice with Natural Rudraksha Beads Bracelet
Natural sacred 5-mukhis Rudraksha beads strung on elastic band with a Tibetan Dzi bead combines two ..
Stupa Pendant with Karma Removal Mantra
This is a beautiful Stainless Steel Stupa pendant encapsulating a scroll of the Rasmi Vimala Visuddh..
Sri Yantra Mandala Glass Dome Pendant Necklace
Attract more wealth luck, abundance and joy into your life with the sacred Sri Yantra.The Sri Ya..
Silver Plated Wealth Beckoning Fortune Cat Bead Charm
Crafted from precious sterling silver, this beautiful Fortune Cat charm is a pretty adornment to any..
Silver Plated Vintage Bejeweled Dragon Charms Bead
Delicately crafted, a majestic good fortune dragon is captured on this charming design with incredib..
Silver Plated Snake Chain Bracelet for Charm Beads
This snake chain bracelet, like the Pandora bracelet, is made out of many little rings which are twi..
Silver Plated Retro OM Charm Bead
Expertly crafted, the OM charm offers protection, peace of mind and attracts strength, bliss, courag..
Silver Plated Retro Infinity Knot #8 Charm Bead
Simple and sleek in design yet carrying a wealth of meaning, this charm consists of multiple infinit..
Silver Plated Good Luck Horseshoe with Rhinestone Bead Charm
Make sure that luck is on your side with this beautiful horse shoe charm with sparkling rhinestones!..
Silver Plated Good Fortune Pineapple Pendant Beads Charm
Highly polished silver plated Pineapple charm to inject some luck to your bracelet. If you are curio..
Silver Plated Four-Leaf Clover Dangle Pendant Charm
You are one LUCKY girl, if you're sporting this charm!The Green Enamel Four-Leaf Clover Dang..
Silver Plated Chinese Wealth Ship Red Enamel Dangle Bead Charm
Inspired by an ancient Chinese sailing vessel, this eye-catching silver plated charm features authen..
Silver Plated Bejeweled Yin Yang Ball Bead Charm
Yearning for a balanced and harmonious life? This beautiful bejeweled Yin Yang symbol charm could po..
Silver Plated 12 Cute Chinese Zodiac Animal Dangle Pendant Charm
Whether you choose your own horoscope sign, your allies or secret friend, these beautiful 12 Chinese..
Seven Chakra Lava Stone Beads Healing Bracelet
Beautiful Seven Chakra Bracelet made of 7 natural crystals of different color (red gate, citrine, ti..
Rhodium Plated Bejeweled Lucky Horseshoe Dangle Pendant Charm
Make sure that luck is on your side with this dangling horse shoe charm!The horseshoe is one of ..
Raindrop Om Mani Padme Hung Golden Pendant
A strikingly gorgeous gold plated stainless steel pendant featuring the Om Mani Padme Hung Mantra et..
Om Mani Padme Hum Yellow Crystal Adjustable Bracelet
This sacred adjustable bracelet features a cylindrical yellow man-made crystal bead etched with the ..
Om Mani Padme Hum Obsidian Crystal Adjustable Bracelet
This sacred adjustable bracelet features a cylindrical obsidian bead etched in gold with the mantra ..
Om Mani Padme Hum Lotus Tibetan Silver Beads Bracelet
This beautifully crafted bracelet is made of Tibetan silver prayer beads inscribed with the mantra O..
Natural Rudraksha Beads Bracelet
Natural 5-mukhis Rudraksha beads strung on elastic band.These beads are not a popular or well-kn..
Natural Black Volcanic Lava Stone Bracelet
Lava stone is found in the fiery core of the Earth. It’s a molten rock formed after a volcano&..
Jade Peach Shape Mandarin Ducks with Ruyi Pendant
Beautiful jade pendant carved into the shape of a Peach for immortality, showcasing a pair of mandar..
Genuine 925 Silver Enameled Four Leaf Clover Pendant Bead Charm
Nothing says lucky quite like a four leaf clover!The four-leaf clover is a rare variation of the..
Brass Dragon Tortoise with Ruyi (L)
The Dragon Tortoise, a mythical animal made of the two celestial animals, the Dragon and the Tortois..
Bejeweled Silver Plated 0 to 9 Lucky Number Dangle Pendant Charm
The design of these silver plated numbers charm is embellished with tiny shimmering cubic zirconia. ..
Authentic 925 Sterling Silver Red Enamel Apple Beads Charm
Apple silver charm with rich red enamel and dark green cubic zirconia will enhance any bracelet styl..
Authentic 925 Sterling Silver Bejeweled Evil Eye Bead Charm
Keep people who mean you harm at bay with this gorgeous bejeweled watchful Eye dangle charm.The ..
Amethyst Fox Infidelity Protection Amulet
Suspecting your other half is being unfaithful or having an extra-marital affair? Or worried that it..
925 Sterling Silver Mystic Knot Charm Bead
Inspired by the Chinese mystic knot, this super gorgeous sterling silver charm is said to bring endl..