Lillian Too and Jennifer Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2012 - Tiger

Lillian Too and Jennifer Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2012 - Tiger
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The TIGER continues its spate of good luck into the Year of the Dragon 2012, still making its presence felt and still enjoying cosmic protection and great chi essence and life force strength This is a year when your wealth increases and your capital sum expands, making the future for those of you in your later years feel a great deal more secure and confident. The vital factor is to rise above the unsettled energies of the year, and focus on and benefit from the year's wealth-making opportunities. READ MORE Horoscope Forecast 2012 INSIDE!

In this book discover your Feng Shui forecast 2012 and how in 2012 you can

• participate positively in the year's transformational chi
• continue building your nest eggs to secure future prosperity
• invite in a golden deity to enhance your luck
• take full advantage of auspicious feng shui winds
• activate the power of fire 9 without exhausting yourself
• use personalized feng shui directions to maximize your luck
• stay in sync with the cosmic energies of the year
• create & empower your own personal Tiger talisman

This wonderful and indispensable book is brought to you by Lillian Too - the world's most prolific and best selling Feng Shui author, together with her daughter Jennifer Too.

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