Lillian Too and Jennifer Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2012 - Rat

Lillian Too and Jennifer Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2012 - Rat
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The Rat should work at being strong to successfully ride the Dragon year. Afflicted by the illness star, wearing the correct amulet can re-energize your chi essence so you successfully capture the lucky energy of the 24 mountains; by getting your timing right, you can work in sync with the Dragon year which breathes fabulous transformational luck your way... tap into your lucky directions at all times! READ HOW!

In this book discover your horoscope forecast 2012 and how in 2012 you can

• piggy back on the strength & courage of the Dragon
• build on the prosperity luck of the previous year
• subdue the inconvenient illness star plaguing you
• be at the right place at the right time
• use protection amulets to avoid obstacles & accidents
• use personalized feng shui directions to maximize your luck
• factor in excellent decisions on timing
• create & empower your own personal Rat talisman

This wonderful and indispensable book is brought to you by Lillian Too - the world's most prolific and best selling Feng Shui author, together with her daughter Jennifer Too.

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