Lillian Too and Jennifer Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2012 - Ox

Lillian Too and Jennifer Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2012 - Ox
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The Ox can build on all that’s been achieved in the recent past and take advantage of the completion star of future prosperity that occupies your astrological home in 2012. The Dragon Year will continue to smile on you, bringing you especially auspicious luck as you start the year. Make an effort to avoid conflicts and you will see 2012 usher in a great deal of goodies your way. READ MORE Feng Shui Forecast 2012 INSIDE!

In this book discover your horoscope forecast 2012 and how in 2012 you can

• beneflt from the year's transformational chi
• build on all that’s been achieved in previous years
• avoid being the victim of other people's conflict energy
• take full advantage of auspicious feng shui winds
• activate the power of 9 by thinking big
• use personalized feng shui directions to maximize your luck
• factor in excellent decisions on timing
• create & empower your own personal Ox talisman

This wonderful and indispensable book is brought to you by Lillian Too - the world's most prolific and best selling Feng Shui author, together with her daughter Jennifer Too.

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