Lillian Too and Jennifer Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2012 - Monkey

Lillian Too and Jennifer Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2012 - Monkey
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The MONKEY will experience new beginnings in the Year of the Dragon. Many will find this a benchmark year when all good things come together. New colleagues, new environment and new pursuits. You will be feeling strong and your confidence level is high. Do not expect immediate successes; instead, stay grounded and then everything is sure to come together in the very near future. This is a year to gather your forces, set the stage and prepare yourself. READ MORE INSIDE!

In this book discover your horoscope forecast 2012 and how in 2012 you can

• make fullest use of your very strong inner chi essence
• bring your experience and talents to tackling new challenges
• subdue hostility and jealousy woes that block your efforts
• take fullest advantage of your transformative feng shui luck
• activate the earth seal to bring excellent grounding energy
• use personalized feng shui directions to maximize your luck
• overcome anger & misunderstandings brought by conflicting energies
• create & empower your personal Monkey talisman

This wonderful and indispensable book is brought to you by Lillian Too - the world's most prolific and best selling Feng Shui author, together with her daughter Jennifer Too.

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