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Feng Shui for Good Health

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Feng Shui Products to Enhance Health Luck

Sau, the most famous of the three star gods (Fuk Luk Sau) is the God of Longevity. He is usually depicted carries with him a bottle gourd full of the nectar of Immortality, a staff, and the “fruit of immortality”, the peach. He is often seen in homes across Asia, as he brings health and wellbeing to all family members. Place Sau at a around eye level, and he will provide the entire family with a happy and long life.


The Wu Lou (the “bottle gourd” in English) is an important symbol of longevity, immortality and good blessings. It is also strongly associated with the God of Immortality, Sau, because he carries it with him and fills it with the nectar of Immortality. Many people also use the Wu Lou because of its distinct shape; as the top half represents heaven and the bottom half represents earth, it is said that this gourd is a manifestation of the harmony between these two places. Display the Wu Lou beside your bed for general wellbeing, and it will be very effective in keeping you safe from illness – this is even more so for those who are already sick or who are constantly suffering from ailments.

Crystal Ball with Wu Lou on Star of David Hexagram - Aventurine
Crystal Ball with Wu Lou on Star of David Hexagram - Aventurine
Feng Shui White Anrenshui Wulou Keychain
Feng Shui White Anrenshui Wulou Keychain
Jade Feng Shui Wulou Pendant
Jade Feng Shui Wulou Pendant
Wishfulfilling Anrenshui Wulou
Wishfulfilling Anrenshui Wulou


The peach tree is a very valuable symbol to Feng Shui followers, and one of the most highly regarded forms of tree. Although the peach is regarded as the most important element of this tree, each part has a different meaning and benefit. In ancient folklore, it is said that the Shi Wang Mu, the Goddess of the West, had her peaches stolen from her garden by the Monkey God, who then received immortality by eating the peaches. To provide yourself and those around you with a long and healthy life, place a peach tree or peach fruit in the main room of your home – a painting of the beautiful fruits will also suffice.

Out of the four celestial animals, the Tortoise is the only living creature today. Because the tortoise can live to such an old age, it is seen as a representation of long-life and longevity; this is especially true to the father of the family. In addition to this, a tortoise in your home will safeguard your family, augment your riches and defend from any evil intruders.


Do check the flying stars of the month every now and then. This is important because if the #2 Illness Star is in your bedroom or main living room undetected, it could cause problems bring disease, sickness, health problems and even fatality. Suppress the illness energy of this star with an Eight Immortals Wu Lou tied with a red ribbon or a metal Wu Lou. Six-Rod Wind Chimes can also do the job. Here are some other suggestion for cures:


Position your bed so that it faces (head pointing towards) your health direction (Tien Yi) based on your Kua Number to enhance your health luck.

See also Feng shui products for Health Luck.


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