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Dragon Feng Shui Keychain

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Dragon Feng Shui Keychain
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Price: US$7.88
SKU: SKU1062 (Out of Stock)
Weight: 0.10lb ( 45.00g )
Dim: 1.25x0.625x1x1.75 in, 3.875 in Lgth (3.2x1.4x4.4 cm, 9.8 cm)
Material: Brass

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The Dragon, which is the most potent symbol of Yang, is one of the four celestial animals in Feng Shui. It is regarded as the “Supreme Being” in comparison to all other worldly animals, because it can survive in any environment; the sea, the mountains and even the heavens. It is a mystical creature that has held emblem since ancient times, when it was believed to transfuse courage and heroism to the beholder.

For the Chinese people and for all followers of Feng Shui, the Dragon is the most highly revered animal out of all others, extremely auspicious and always treated with the highest sense of veneration. The Dragon is regarded as the strongest symbol of good fortune because the Dragon is believed to emit a special form of chi, known as “Sheng Chi” or “Celestial Breath”. Feng Shui is essentially all about capturing and creating Sheng Chi. It is this Sheng Chi that attracts wealth luck, good fortune, good luck, abundance and success to the area lucky enough to receive it. It is for this reason that the dragon is such a popular lucky symbol used to enhance business success and prosperity.

In Feng Shui term, mountain ranges are often described as dragons. It is not difficult to see how an undulating highland resembles a mythical dragon. Thus, Feng Shui practitioners would look for the ‘dragon’ when they evaluated a piece of property. These topography analysis would be able to tell whether an area or property has good feng shui or not. It is the same analysis that revealed Singapore has five dragons - which explains her economic strength and level of prosperity.

So is the idea of having a celestial Dragon in your pocket constantly breathing cosmic chi and imbue your body with lucky energy sounds alluring to you? You know what you should do.

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Dragon Feng Shui Keychain
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