Chi Lin / Kei Loon

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The Chi Lin, Qi Ling or Kei Loon is a heavenly animal from ancient Chinese legends. With the head of a dragon and the body of a horse, it is a unique combination of the best qualities of both these auspicious animals – some of the royal symbols it holds in Feng Shui are might, high aspirations, a sense of competitiveness, wellbeing and determination.

The Chi Lin, due to the Dragon head, releases cosmic chi (which is believed to summon success, long life and intelligence), and it is very loyal to its owner, due to its horse traits. The carp scales on its back is said to serve to bring a load of wealth into your home or business, as carp is a feng shui symbol for abundance. The afflictions of the annual Three Killings, creator of fights, thefts and lawsuits, can be avoided by displaying three Chi Lins in affected sectors of the home...

Excellent Feng Shui gift for businessmen, career-oriented people and those in the military.

Click on the various design of Chi Lin statues below for a more specific explanation on their meaning and Feng Shui tips on their placement.

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Pair of Feng Shui Kei Loon
If you keep this auspicious animal in your home or office, you will reap the rewards of its protecti..
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Pair of Good Fortune Chi Lin
Each Chilin holds a different object which symbolizes a special meaning. While one Chi Lin is ver..
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Pair of Redstone Feng Shui Kei Loon
When the beholder looks into its eyes, this creature will award the owner with an abundance of jo..
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Pair of Vibrant Chi Lin on Pots of Gold Ingots
A pair of Chi Lin stand stepping on a pot of gold ingots represents good fortune luck and protect..
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Three Celestial Guardians Key Ring
This combination forms a very powerful antidote for the dreaded Three Killings or 'San Sha'...
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Three Chi Lin for Three Killings
Some of the royal symbols it holds in Feng Shui are might, high aspirations, a sense of competiti..
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